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This is a scratchpad where I'm collecting snippets of possible template code revisions. At the moment most of these snippets won't work, since they rely on to-be-added parser functions. Or to-be-written helper templates. Any editor who can make sense of this chaos is free to help improve the code ;)

NPC Summary[edit]

Bits and pieces from Template:NPC Summary. (Even though NPC Summary will probably be one of the last templates to get revamped, I keep examining its code for challenging examples).

{{#define:racecat| {{#trimlinks:{{{race|}}}}} }}

{{#if:{{{racecat|}}}|[[Category:{{NS_CATEGORY}}-{{{racecat}}}]]}}  <!-- Category template? e.g., {{Category|{{{racecat|}}}}} -->
{{#switch:{{{class|}}}| |N/A= |[[Category:{{NS_CATEGORY}}-{{#trimlinks:{{{class}}}}}]]}}

{| {{Infobox Style}}

!Added by Plug-in
|colspan=3| {{{mod}}}
!Home City
|colspan=3| {{{city}}}
|colspan=3| {{{loc}}}
|colspan=3| {{{house}}}
|colspan=3| {{{store}}}
| {{Autolink|{{{race|}}}|ns_base={{NS_PARENT}}}}
| {{{gender}}}
| {{{level}}}
| {{Autolink|{{{class|}}}|ns_base={{NS_PARENT}}}}
![[{{NS_FULL:{{NS_PARENT}}}}NPCs#Console IDs|RefID]]
| <small>{{{refid|}}}</small>
![[{{NS_FULL:{{NS_PARENT}}}}NPCs#Console IDs|BaseID]]
| <small>{{{baseid|}}}</small>

| {{{health}}} {{#ifeq:{{{health|}}}|0|('''Dead''')|}}
| {{{magicka}}}
| {{{alarm}}}
| {{{fight}}}


Changes in how template would be called:

Did You Know[edit]

* that the '''[[Special:Statistics|UESP]]''' has almost four times as many content pages as both Wikia Elder Scrolls wikis combined?
* that the '''[[Shivering:Mount Sheogorath|highest point in the Shivering Isles]]''' is named after its ruler, [[Lore:Sheogorath|Sheogorath]]?
* that the three '''[[Lore:Daedric Alphabet|daedric runes]]''' on the cover of [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]] are A S V, which stand for [[Lore:Almalexia (god)|Almalexia]], [[Lore:Sotha Sil|Sotha Sil]], and [[Lore:Vivec (god)|Vivec]], respectively?
* that a '''[[Morrowind:Corprusarium|Corprusarium]]''' is a place where people with the Corprus disease are experimented upon?
|* that '''[[Lore:Dragons|Dragons]]''' are sacred to the Empire, and have aided them in ancient wars?
|* that the '''[[Lore:Ka Po' Tun|Ka Po' Tun]]''' are ancient enemies of the [[Lore:Tsaesci|Tsaeci]]?
|* that the first three times a '''[[Shivering:Flesh Atronach|Flesh Atronach]]''' is hit by magic, its [[Oblivion:Magicka|Magicka]] increases permanently?
|* that '''[[Oblivion:Wormwood Leaves|Wormwood]]''' plants only grow in the [[Oblivion:Jerall Mountains|Jerall Mountains]]?
|* that '''[[Oblivion:Marauder|marauder]]s''' in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]] are always equipped with swords and heavy armor?
|* that the '''[[Lore:Maps|map of Tamriel]]''' was first introduced in [[Arena:Arena|Arena]], but map details have changed between the [[:Image:Arena-Map.jpg|original map]] and the [[:Image:TamrielMap.jpg|current map]]?
|* that the '''[[Lore:Dwemer Alphabet|Dwemer runes]]''' on the [[Oblivion:Knights of the Nine|Knights of the Nine]] box cover [[Lore:Ayleid Language|translate]] to "By the eternal power of Umaril, the mortal gods shall be cast down"?
|* that '''[[Morrowind:Mines|mining]]''' is a major industry in Morrowind, with mines for glass, ebony, diamonds, and kwama eggs?
|* that '''[[Oblivion:Horses#Useful Spells|horses]]''' can be blessed at [[Oblivion:Wayshrines|Wayshrines of Akatosh]] to make them go faster?
|* that by using the [[Oblivion:Console|console]] you can '''[[Oblivion:Console Command Tutorial#SetWeather BaseID (SW BaseID)|control the weather]]'''?
|* that there are 187 named NPCs who are '''[[Oblivion:Essential NPCs|essential]]''' at one point or another in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]?
|* that when going through an '''[[Oblivion:Planes_of_Oblivion#Random Worlds|Oblivion gate]]''', you're usually going to one of seven random worlds?
|* that citizens of [[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]] '''[[Lore:Transportation|travel]]''' via an expressway formed within the roots of the Hist trees?
|* that the '''[[Lore:Ayleid Language|Ayleid language]]''' frequently uses compound words?
|* that '''''[[Lore:Corpse Preparation|necromancy]]''''' is only illegal in the province of [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]]?
|* that '''[[Lore:Bestiary_A|ancient vampires]]''' can only be damaged with weapons of mithril quality or better?