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Just to toss a bit of info out there, I'm Mithramuse, a long-time PC RPG gamer. Started waaaay back on an original IBM PC (thanks to my Dad's workplace) playing Adventure, Zork, Wizardry and Bard's Tale, progressing through loads of others (notable favorites/timesinks including Wizard's Crown and many other SSI games, more recent D&D games, and the Fallout series), and continuing to this day with, semi-obviously, Oblivion. I did play Morrowind, but have not played any of the earlier Elder Scrolls games (shock, horror!) and haven't quite been able to get going on, say, Arena... while I place gameplay above graphics, current graphics do add a LOT to the games!

So now I've found this helpful place (though I'm trying not to read too many spoilers, but the Talk pages are usually interesting to read so I'm not doing so well there) and decided to log in... hopefully I'll find some room to contribute, though I'm not sure 'zactly what as yet.

Take care, all, and happy adventuring!



So far, I've only the one character in Oblivion, largely similar to my main PC in Morrowind. Mithramuse is a male Redguard Seeker, born under the Lady. Seekers specialize in Stealth, but utilize a mix of talents that can all be brought to play during their adventures.

Mithramuse focuses on his Blade and Heavy Armor for melee (though I'd thought about Light Armor; love that glass armor look!), with skill in Marksman allowing for better ranged combat initiation. Alteration and Mysticism spells give him broad defense and utility spellcasting ability, and Security skill is used to overcome locks that are "in the way" while Seeking objects. Finally, Mercantile is used to better sell the items found -- whether or not they were sought to begin with!

Overall he is about as lawful as they come, disliking stealing or even breaking and entering, but when in the "rough" he is not afraid to start a fight first, especially when he knows that the target means him ill. He has been dabbling in further magics than his specialization, with Restoration being the obvious one, but Alchemy also increasing particularly quickly after he took over Shetcombe Farm near Kvatch from its unfortunate prior owner.

As you might be able to tell from the above, I do "game" my stats a little, trying to do 5+5+5 or 5+5+1 levels, but don't sweat it too much when I over-skill for the level (which is good, because my record so far is abysmal as far as optimization -- at level 11, I had 423 skill gains, and that's with three Luck boosts :P ). Maybe I'll be more strict about it later on, but I kinda doubt it -- I like to track these things, and do what I can to optimize them, but don't let that get in the way of just playing the game. It was a bit easier to game skills gains in Morrowind, IMO, since there were so many more skills to play with!