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I'm occasionally playing Skyrim on a Windows 7 system, with the Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard extensions (bought the Legendary Edition on sale). I'm not touching the console just yet. I am surprised at how much fun Skyrim is to play and discover even if you deviate from the main storyline to the extent of never having set foot in Whiterun.

My first character is Mendix, a Breton. His current plan is to learn to sneak, pick locks and pockets, and to try to kill all of the soldiers (Imperials and Stormcloaks alike). He loves his bow, handles is maces tolerably well, and gets used to the idea of maybe discovering if he can't handle magic. He is the proud owner of a small house in the woods with a Lake View. Mendix has climbed up a steep mountainside to find himself midway on the 7000 steps, and has entered High Hrothgar without a key (unfortunately there are no climbing perks in the game).

Mendix has gleefully found that a fort no longer occupied by bandits filled with Imperials overnight, who proved no match to his arrows and mace. Stabbing the Falkreath legate in his sleep proved much less fruitful, and Mendix has formed the theory that posessing a tactical map makes people immortal. He hasn't been able to steal one for himself, regrettably. Mendix has been assassinated three times now, or would have if his assassins had any competence. Burning people and animals is more fun than it ought to be. There is a deserted wooden gate up in the Southern mountains that is protected by strong magics that prevent him from climbing over the rails, and there is no indication what might lie behind it.

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