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Please keep in mind that I seldom update this page. Some of this content is rather archaic.

My name is Josephine. Usually, I go by Cortana. I'm a recovering skooma addict. May the Nine be with me in days ahead! I love the TES series! I also play a lot of Halo and Half-Life. I dye my hair. Lots. If you really wanna talk somewhere else, feel free to add me on myspace!
I'm a member of the PMS Clan and an awesome barista.

Me Interviewing Myself![edit]

When did you start playing TES? It started when I was playing Morrowind and didn't really know it. Then I picked up Oblivion and started playing all of the Elder Scrolls games!
Platform for Oblivion: Xbox 360. I need to get a new video card to play it on my PC.
Platform for Morrowind Xbox (fat).
Other TES Games? Only Arena. But I have played the rest at Justin's house!

What's with your name?[edit]

Long story... When I was 10 years old, I was (still am) a huge Halo fan. In fact, I played so much that my friend gave me the nick name Cortana, a character in Halo. Eventually, my screen name evolved into Cortana 5, or CortanaV (my gamertag). The five is for my five little minions (inside joke). When I signed up for UESP, I decided to mix my name up a little bit!

Oblivion Stats[edit]

Race: Dark Elf
Name: Cortana
Gender: Female
Level: 20 (This is a new game)
Class: Valkyrie (a stealthy battlemage)
Armor: Crusader Relics
Favorite Weapon: Duskfang and My super awesome enchanted Dwemer Longsword that does fire damage!
Finished the game on this account yet? Nope. I got lazy at Miscarcand. But I've beaten it before!

Morrowind Stats[edit]

Race: Dark Elf
Name: Barenziah Melfina
Gender: Female
Level: 5 (I'm not that far in yet)
Class: Warrior
Armor: Eh, I forget.
Favorite Weapon: This funky enchanted electric steel short sword!
Finished the game on this account yet? Nope.


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