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Currently thankful to Bethesda for:
Making two the best games ever: Morrowind and Oblivion (along with their expansion packs). Note that I haven't tried Arena or Daggerfall and that I probably won't, but only because I don't like playing older games.

Currently mad at Bethesda for:
Making fun of people of poor drawing capability!
Not flagging the dwarf or whatever he is in some God forsaken cave in Bloodmoon as an essential character, causing me to fail the Bloodmoon main quest. The damn dwarf had a name, but as I killed about 100 identical dwarves before getting to him, I wasn't really looking out for that.
Making snow blizzards in Bloodmoon, slowing my, at the time very weak, computer and making me wait several days in a cave with a bunch of bears, wolves and werewolves, just so I could go on.
Not fixing the bug with items jumping all over the place, among other things ruining my master plan of having a sword on top of my chandelier in Rosethorn Hall (falls down every time I enter the room; oh and yes, I am very much aware how weird my obsession with decorating my House is :P, however this is nothing... I did the same thing in Morrowind, and the only way you could move items there was pickup, drop, pickup, drop)
Making Oblivion more linear than Morrowind. For one, the conversations were much better in Morrowind, although I do understand that this is because of voice acting... However, one thing I will hardly ever forgive them is removing Levitation and Jump (ahh, the good old days of jumping up to the clouds looking for those dragons Maiq lied about with a custom-made spell... :) )

Character: Lisan al Gaib[edit]

Currently working on:
Further decorating of my bedroom in Rosethorn Hall
Completing all Daedric quests (10/15 done)

  • Time: 125:00:24
  • Level: 38
  • Race: Breton
  • Birthsign: Tower
  • Class: Dervish
  • Days Passed: 348
  • Active Quests: 10
  • Completed Quests: 177
  • Skill Increases: 978
  • Training Sessions: 49
  • Novice Skills: 3
  • Apprentice Skills: 3
  • Journeyman Skills: 6
  • Expert Skills: 4
  • Master Skills: 5
  • Oblivion Gates Shut: 9 *
  • Days Jailed: 1 (Reason :) )
  • Items Stolen: 3365
  • Items Pickpocketed: 3
  • Trespasses: 0
  • Assaults: 136
  • Murders: 7
  • Horses Stolen: 1
  • Largest Bounty: 200 (Reason :) )
  • Fame: 143
  • Infamy: 0 (Reason :( )
  • Creatures Killed: 1063
  • People Killed: 366
  • Places Found: 147
  • Locks Picked: 156
  • Lockpicks Broken: 206 **
  • Souls Trapped: 194
  • Ingredients Eaten: 3
  • Potions Made: 572
  • Horses Owned: 1
  • Houses Owned: 8
  • Stores Invested In: 3
  • Books Read: 616
  • Skill Books Read: 42
  • Artifacts Found: 9
  • Hours Slept: 1106
  • Hours Waited: 2991
  • Days as Vampire: 121
  • Necks Bitten: 70 ***
  • Jokes Told: 292
  • Diseases Contracted: 11 ****
  • Nirnroots Found: 28
  • Maximum weight carried: 1482

* *mutters* All gone... Every single one... Sob... Damned be the scriptured end of Oblivion gates! Now I can never get the Absorb Health Sigil Stone... So beautiful... So many uses... *Turns to you with a crazed, but sad, prophetic look on his face* Beware you who dislike the planes of Oblivion, for many riches you have not even dreamed possible lie there!

** Or so the game says... All I know is that I've bought at least a 1000 lockpicks so far... Probably even a lot more.

*** I actually bite the necks of only a few selected people... Repeatably though :). Preferences: Female, Imperial/Breton/Redguard/Nord. Most of the time it's Eyja. Dislikes: Orcs (only in emergencies... tastes horrible) :)

**** Also had to induce vampirism through testinghall... No other way worked at the time (post by; I think the problem got fixed in the patch though, I’ve seen some mention of vampirism bug fixes). I've even had to use the Turn me into a full vampire stone, as the other one had no effect either (apart from removing all feelings of guilt for using that "cheat" :) ).

Vampiric Longsword (Deadric Longsword enchanted with Absorb Health 22 for 1 second on Strike, Charge: 1600, uses: 19)

90% of the time - Dark Brootherhood Robe and Hood (best looking armor in the game in my opinion)
9.9% of the time - set of Glass Armor: (I use this when fighing more than two creatures)
Glass Boots of Oblivion - Fortify Willpower 12 pts on Self (named for the use of Sigil Stone)
Greaves of Purity (probably will be changed soon, as I have 100% magic resistance)
Shielded Glass Gauntlets - Shield 10 % on Self
Shielded Glass Shield - Shield 10% on Self (dumb name, I know... was following the template I previousely started)
Shielded Glass Cuirass - Shield 10 % on Self
Glass Helmet of Willpower - Fortify Willpower 10 pts on Self
0.1% of the time - White Mage's Robe and Shoes - Fortify Personality 10 pts on self each (used during Sanguine quest)

Cruelty's Heart
Mind and Body Ring
Mundane Ring