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Named after my first World of Warcraft Character, Limduhl is the name i've come to associate with myself on the computer.

I stumbled across UESPwiki a few weeks ago and have been using it extensively to help with my exploration of Oblivion (finding those pesky daedric shrines and wayshrines).

I created an account because I wanted to contribute to some of the discussion pages and figured that i should make myself known and/or easy to track down in case someone wanted to talk to me or tell me that i did some random formatting incorrectly.

I have played Morrowind and Oblivion (but not any of the previous elder scrolls games)but currently deote all of my Elder Scrolls time to Oblivion.

You're most likely to find me online during school hours for the Central time zone, as I am a teacher, and mostly browse UESPwiki during free periods of the day. I play Oblivion instead of typing about it once I arrive home.


I must admit that i have both a strong sense of fairplay AND an unhealthy and shameful addiction to the Oblivion console commands. The two ideas seem to be strongly at odds with each other (and i'm trying to use the console as little as i can...honest!), but it has created a plethora of interesting themed or "what if" characters.

Many of my characters are themed around a single alteration i make at character creation and then try to play towards throughout the game. I might set a character's endurance to 150 right out of the sewers, and then proceed to give him terrible combat skills, forcing him to survive by sheer tenacity. I might set a character's destruction skill to 1 and try to never cast a destruction spell in the course of the game...while i play a pure mage. Perhaps I will set a character's luck to 90 and test it's feel on the gameplay with no other alterations.

Along with these playstyle quirks, I find that i have a difficult time not using my knowledge of the game to my characters utter advantage. I cannot remember the last time i didn't use the stump entrance to Fort Farragut, for example. Or the last time i didn't rob J'Ghasta's house of his Black Hand Robe and Hood. Or bothered to open all of the gates in the internal oblivion world when i could enter the main tower from above and survive a series of short falls to reach the ground level.

The thing that keeps the game interesting for me is the huge variation on playstyles and the opportunity to create a character who is Listener, Archmage, Sheoorath, and Grand Champion, but has never entered the fighter's guild - or a character who won't wear armor, but is aiming to try to be a combat powerhouse.


This section will possibly update as I choose to play old characters or create new ones. I couldn't even try to list them all, as i'm at well over 90 saves with no single character having more than 3 savegames, most of them get only 1.

Tos'un A dark elf custom scout/soldier born under the sign of the warrior and blessed with uncanny luck (player.setav luck 95), Tos'un started life intending to be a multifaceted character. Focusing on stealth, swordplay, archery, and illusion and destruction magic, he had the potential to have the tool for any situation. Circumstances quickly changed which caused him to all but ignore his training in archery, illusion and destruction, as he found that he was so lucky that he could sneak up on nearly anyone, delivering such powerful first strikes with his dazzling sword skills that any fight was quickly turned into a rout. Deciding that life has gotten too easy lately, Tos'un has retired to his Cheydinhal home and is unlikely to venture out again any time soon. Level 14

Nova (my first introduction to skin tones in the standard game) Nova is an unusual Breton Female. Her skin is pure white! Taking advantage of unique gifts bestowed upon her upon the entrance to Weynon Priory (available beds + modpcs and modpcs = instant level 23 character with stunning skills and stats), Nova set out to investigate a strange door that appeared in a bay near Bravil, idly usurping the leadership of the mage's guild in her spare time. Boasting a literal immunity to all magic, a complete suit of the most impressive armor that Tamriel has ever seen, and enchantments reflecting more than half of any damage she takes, Nova is, like Tos'un, getting quite bored. Level 28