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The name's Leif. Been playing ES since Morrowind, and really involved with Oblivion right now. Got a pretty good knowledge of how everything works in Oblivion, including some of the more obscure stuff, like the locations of the doomstones and all the misc quests. I enjoy contributing to the Wiki, I like to see things with a complete set of info, and well ordered.

If you feel you want to email me, go ahead :)

I probably won't use this page for much, just asking questions, so if you know the answer, please leave a message :)

Q: Is there a spell merchant that sells a "Resist Normal Weapons" spell? I've seen some loot that has had this enchant on it, and want to either enchant some of my own gear with it, or get a spell to keep casting. - But I havn't been able to find anyone selling it, and searching here hasn't helped either :( If you know where I can find this spell, I would be really greatful if you could let me know :) Thanks!