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TO DO LIST[edit]

  • Figure out if any of the "random loot sacks" are fixed, mostly to locate missing scrolls and the ultimate versions of weapons and armor.
  • Check for the missing Gift Items. They might spawn when a gift is given to a champion - or not at all. If it is determined that the missing items are in fact "missing", they should just be deleted from the Gift Items page.
  • Create the missing images for the Bestiary
  • Figure out Leveling system
  • Whatever happened to the missing copies of the ultimate weapons? Were they awards for the deleted "Treasure Runs", found on smaller handsets?
  • Create decent images for both versions of the Gehenoth and expand the page.
  • Eustacia will provide a total of six rumors, matching the dialogue topics for the champions. But what is the determining factor for a new rumor?
  • Create maps for all 36 dungeons, including colored dots for chest (numbers included like on this map and warp locations. Add corresponding map legend.
  • Add all additional dialogue to the four champions.

Status Effects[edit]

  • Frost Limbs (?)
  • Troll Thirst – the surroundings turn red, the map dissapears, and your health slowly crawls towards zero. You will have to kill enemies to stay alive. The condition is only temporary and will disappear if you manage to stay alive long enough.
  • Winter Worn (?)
  • Blind – The surroundings turn black and the map dissapears. Can only be cures with Magic Items or by camping.
  • Grievous Harm(?)