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About Me[edit]

I was a big fan of the original UESP (for Morrowind), even sent in a few e-mails suggesting corrections and additions back in the day. That we can now collectively gather, post, confirm, edit, correct and make presentable, in relative real time, is a major advantage and almost an extension of the game itself. It's fun too!

I'm not that familiar with the technical details of Wiki yet, but I'm a decent speller, have a good command of English language and grammar and an eye for details, spelling, redundancy, inconsistency, etc. My "real life" work consists partly of helping people with job resumes and this is where the bulk of my editing experience comes from. Over the years I've written, re-written and edited thousands of resumes to make them presentable to potential employers.

Notes On Editing[edit]

  • Since Oblivion is a relatively new game and not all is known about quests, locations, etc, many of the quest pages have by necessity a "get the raw data in, make it look pretty later" appearance to them. That's what I'm trying to focus on mostly, correcting poor spelling, grammar, typos, inexact NPC and place names, etc, and generally making it easier to read and follow.
  • I've sometimes used bulleted lists rather than numbered lists in quest details, as have a few others. I much prefer to read pointers and tips about how to proceed in a quest rather than a do this, do that "paint-by-numbers" approach. Some quests do lend themselves better to a linear numbered approach so I suppose it all depends on the quest, how it was initially written and what edits one must do to make it readable.
  • Quest walkthroughs should be devoid of personal opinion and gaming preferences to the furthest extent possible. Comments similar to "don't bother exploring this area because there's nothing worth finding" or "killing so-and-so NPC is so easy if you're a mage" should be avoided. People can decide for themselves if something is worth doing and not everyone plays a mage. Some people like to rush through a quest as fast as possible, some like to take their time exploring all areas. Walkthroughs should contain relevant information and tips to help players complete a quest and nothing more. To this end it is my goal to purge personal opinions and preferences not everyone shares from as many walkthroughs and other pages as possible.

Currently Working On[edit]

  • Revamping the entire Dark Brotherhood quest line to make it consistent with a) the agreed upon standard set forth by Endareth and b) the other Oblivion quest lines.

To Do List[edit]

  • Re-visit the few quest Details pages I either formatted with bullets or maintained pre-existing bullet formatting and see if I can re-write the content to a more linear, numbered approach, to maintain consistency with other quest Details sections.
  • Continue cleaning up quests as I progress through the game.

Progress In Oblivion[edit]

  • My first character, Arvental (male melee warrior type), is currently stuck at level 13 due to a corrupted save game. I hope the forthcoming patch makes this character playable again.
  • My second character, Arwen (female melee warrior type), is currently at level 34 without a corrupted save game! It's quite funny to hear NPC's address me as "ma'am" and "sister", lol.

Guild Ranks:

Blades - Knight Sister
Order of the Virtuous Blood - Sister
Knights of the White Stallion - Knight-Errant
Arena - Grand Champion
Mages Guild - Arch-mage
Fighters Guild - Master
Thieves Guild - Master Thief
Dark Brotherhood - Eliminator