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About Me[edit]

Hey everyone! Just in case my username didn't let you on, I go by Jake. I've been playing the Elder Scrolls series since Oblivion came out for the PS3. Since then, I've been hooked! This series easily gets a spot among my favorites. I also own Skyrim but these days I don't usually have the chance to play it as I am currently attending college.

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My main character for Skyrim is a Nord whose name is Jake (yeah, I know, very original). I've trained him to be more suited for armed combat with a one-handed blade and heavy armor. I've also dabbled a bit into restoration and destruction magic with my character. He fights for Skyrim to stay united with the Empire and has also joined the College of Winterhold and the Companions.

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In Oblivion, my main character was an Imperial who I named Jake (I think you can start seeing a pattern here). His birthsign is the Warrior and his class was the Crusader. This character accomplished a lot as you can see in the table below. He also lived the good life as he owned all purchasable houses in Cyrodiil.

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