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Here is yet another data dump for the Spin-off Series Completion Project. This one is for Stormhold.

Below is a list of the different .dat files (data files) found in Stormhold and what they correspond to:

.dat File Data Held
charin.dat  ???
droppeditemsin.dat Every single item that can be found on the floor of a dungeon in the game. There are 43 total.
dungnamesin.dat The names of each dungeon. There are 37 total.
geomin.dat Geometry? Has 37 different entries of six variables, so it probably has to do with dungeons.
itemsin.dat The data for each item.
monsterfilenamesin.dat The names of each image file used to draw monsters.
monstersin.dat The data for each monster.
npcstrings.dat Every single string in the game, including dialogue, start-of-game text, and pause menu text.
spellsin.dat The data for each spell.

Dropped Items[edit]

This is a table that contains the data for every single item that can be found on the floor of a dungeon in the entire game. There are 43 total. I'm not sure what each variable means, but below is my best guess:

Not a single item name is used - it's all in individual numbers. Perhaps this uses the otherwise-unused "m" variable for quest items?
I'm not sure what they all mean, but here's my best guess:
 1: Always 87-91, 96-99. No idea - could it be the cardinal direction that it's located in?

 2: Always 86, for some reason.

 3-5: My best guess is that two of these are map coordinates, and one of them is the item.

Dungeon Names[edit]

There are exactly 37 locations in Stormhold.


This is the data extracted from geomin.dat (geom + in + .dat). It is exactly 37x6, which lines up with the 37 different locations. I'm assuming this is not a coincidence. The game of Stormhold is comprised of a single large map, with "regions" (if you will) laid on top of it. I'm guessing that this data indicates the bounds for all 37 "regions".


There are 109 items total. Below is my best guess for what each variable corresponds to.

j: The list that it is associated with? Below is what is under each list:
    1 = Miner's Pick, Axes
    2 = Blunt Weapons
    3 = Longswords
    4 = Shortswords (including Dagger)
    5 = Heavy Cuirasses
    6 = Light Cuirasses
    7 = Boots
    8 = Gauntlets
    9 = Helms
   10 = Shields
   11 = Quest Items
   12 = Scroll (only item under j=12)
   13 = Filled Crystals
   14 = Tools? Only items with j=14 are Prisoner's Pins, Thieves Tools, and Master Thief's Kit
   15 = Empty Crystals
   16 = Varus's Blood, Varus Effigy, and Vander's Head
   17 = Daedric Weapon. Summoned by spell "Daedric Weapon". Has no stats by itself, but I bet they're overwritten somewhere else.

 c: The place that it's in on that list. 1 is bottom, 5 is usually the top. Some are 0, and I don't know why.
    Under the non-equipment lists, this is usually the same number for all items in that list.

 m: The damage or damage rating associated with it.

 f: Purchase Value?

 a: Sell Value?

 e: Type of item.
  -1 = Unusable/Quest item? Includes Crystals.
   0 = Weapon
   1 = Cuirass
   2 = Boots
   3 = Gauntlets
   4 = Helm
   5 = Shield
   6 = Tools?


Other than the first number being an index number, I don't know what any other variable means. I'll have to keep looking.


Number of spells: 25


A complete list can be found in an old version of Legoless' sandbox.