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Todays date is Morndas, 14th of Frostfall

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Me, Myself and I[edit]

I am new to Wiki Editing, but I have been using this site for a very long time. I have played all the Elder Scrolls Games (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion), but I dont remember much about the first two. I have been playing Morrowind since 2002 and Oblivion since 2007. And over that time I have gathered a vast knowledge on Lore and Gameplay. Ask questions and I'll be happy to answer. I don't plan working on any big projects, just correcting the small details. So I'll always be here for questions, just post them on this page and I'll get to them ASAP


I've created many characters. Too many to count. But usually I do what I feel like doing. Whether its an Orc Sorcerer or a High Elf Crusader. Anything that comes to head, is usually what I play. If you are ever stuck during the character creation process (It is a pain). Post what character you are looking for and I will put together a design. Make sure you are specific at what you want.



In Morrowind, I have lived in pretty much all the houses in the Cities, Farms, House Strongholds, Vampire Bases, Ashlander Camps, Dwemer Ruins. Although by far, my favorite house... well its not exactly a house. I live in the Ancient Dunmer Stronghold known as Hlormeran. In Hlormaren, you can show all the artifacts and armor pieces and weapons and anything else. The place is huge. I actually had to bring people to Hlormaren so I would feel more at home.


I have lived in all the "real" houses of Oblivion, but I do prefer the houses others would not use.

Fort Farragut, Inn of Ill Omen, Chorrol FIghters Guild, Cloud Ruler Temple, Atatar, Arnora Auria's house, Bleak Flats Cave

The List goes on...