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(This is the second part of The battle at Bruma)

Chapter 1: Cheydinhal[edit]

It was a sunny morning a few days after Ulriz left Cloud Ruler Temple and he was walking up on the long road to Cheydinhal. In front of him he could see the high stone walls, with the Cheydinhal banners waving in the wind. As he got closer, the sky started turning darker. Yet just a few seconds ago, it was morning.

What’s going on? Ulriz thought.

He started to walk a little faster up the road. A few moments later he was up at the gates and he entered the city. He walked straight up to the castle. There he found count Andel Indarys and on Andel's right stood a male Dunmer dressed in a royal suit. Ulriz thought that he looked a little crazy and rather creepy.

When there was a few meters between him and the count, he bowed, and not just a nod with his head, this was a more formal bow.

- You may stand up. Andel said.

- What is your business here young Imperial? He asked Ulriz.

- I am here to ask you to send reinforcements to Bruma, sire. Ulriz answered.

The crazy looking man that was standing next to the count bent down and whispered something to him.

- Very well. the Count continued when the Elf was done with the whispering. I would gladly help you but at the moment I need all of my men in town. It seems there is an Oblivion Gate, just outside the walls. The count continued.

- But, let us make a deal: you help us close the gate, and I’ll send the reinforcements that you have asked for. What do you think of that? The count asked.

- Seems fair to me. All right, I will help you close the gate sire. Ulriz said.

- Good, and Matval here will help you. Now go. Andel said and sent them both away.

Ulriz and the Dunmer, Matval, left the castle and Matval led the way to the gate. It seemed the gate opened just a few meters from the City walls, in front of a big house with banners over the walls. Around the oblivion gate, the Cheydinhal guards were standing with their weapons drawn. When they got closer they were stopped by a guard.

- Stop. No civilians are allowed to approach the gate, it’s too dangerous. The guard said.

- We were sent by the Count to help close the gate. Matval explained to the guard.

- Alright… move along then… but you should hurry; The Count’s son has entered and has been in there for a while now. We are getting a bit concerned about Farwil and his knights. The guard said and Ulriz and Matval started walking towards the gate again.

They entered. In front of them there was an apparently old road leading on into oblivion. They followed it and just around the first turn (to the right) they found a dead Thorn knight, an Imperial.

- His name was Cicero, he was a painter before he joined the Knights of the Thorn. Matval explaned.

- You knew him? Ulriz asked.

- No… but I knew he would not survive for long as a knight. Matval said with a grin.

They continued searching for Farwil, and along the road they found a few bodies of the Knights of Thorn. Every time they passed one of the dead knights, especially Imperials, Ulriz could hear Matval talk about that he had always known that the dead knight would end up as it did.

They followed the road, through a cave and arrived outside a huge tower. Between them and the tower there was a bridge, and on the bridge two men were standing in shiny steel armour. When Ulriz and Matval came up closer they could see that the two still living knights were Farwil and a Nord.

When they got closer, Farwil noticed them; he shined up and said:

- Reinforcements! At last!

The Nord walked to Matval and said a few words. Then Farwil continued:

- Alright, now when you are here, we can enter that big tower. Since you have done this before, you go first.

As he said this, he nodded at Ulriz.

- Alright, let’s get going then. The Nord said, and they started the short march to the tower.

Oddly enough, they didn’t meet anyone on their way up. But when they arrived in the sigil keep, they were faced by a group of five dremora. At first, the dremora just stood there, surprised by the sudden entering of four mortals. Ulriz, Farwil, Matval and the Nord had frozen too. The two groups just stood there, staring at each other. But then, they remembered where they were and they drew their weapons.

After a few minutes, the battle was over, and there were no casualties on the mortal side. Then, as they continued up the stairs, there appeared a dremora mage. He said something in his native tongue and threw a fireball at Farwil. The Nord reacted quickly and jumped in front of Farvil and took the fireball in his chest. Matval threw a lightning bolt at the dremora and it fell to the ground.

Farwil quickly got to his friends side. And he said:

- You can still make it.

He drew the Nord up on his feet and helped him to keep up. The group continued up the stairs.

- Hold out Bremman! You are almost there! You will make it!

They got up to the top and Farwil lost his grip of Bremman. The damaged Nord slowly stepped towards the sigil stone. With shaking hands, he picked it up. And they where surrounded by a strong white light.

A few seconds later, Ulriz and the others were standing at the flaming ruins of the oblivion gate. He saw Bremman fall down to the ground with the sigil stone still in his hands. Around them, voices raised, calling for healers. Matval started to walk towards the city gate.

- Are you just going to leave?!

Ulriz asked. He was actually shocked by the way Matval seemed to ignore other peoples suffering.

- There is nothing we can do to help him. Now, follow me up to the castle so that we can finish this, shall we?

Matval replied and without any further talking the two of them left the scene behind, heading for the castle.

A few minutes later they arrived in the main hall of the castle where count Andel still sat in his throne, waiting for news about the oblivion gate.

- Ah, you are back. Now, what happened? Did you save my son? Where is he? Andel said as they got closer.

- Your son is fine. He is over at the oblivion gate with that nord. The nord was hit by lightning in battle. Matval answered with a tone showing that he actually didn't care at all.

- Good, good, and the gate is closed… very well. I shall send reinforcements to Bruma. Matval, you take command. Andel said.

Andel bowed, mumbled something and took off. Then Andel turned to Ulriz.

- Now Imperial, I beg you farewell, if there is anything you need in the future, just ask. But for now… I really could use some rest.

And he arose, turned around and left the throne room, heading for his quarters. As Ulriz were leaving, Farwil entered the castle and stopped Ulriz.

- Hello again Ulriz, I just wanted to thank you for the help there in Oblivion. So to show you my gratitude, I make you an honorary member of the Knights of the thorn.

He gave Ulriz a Thorn medallion, and without any other words, he continued into the castle towards his quarters, leaving Ulriz alone in the Throne room.

Chapter 2: Leyawiin[edit]

Ulriz arrived at the Leyawiin gates one day later after being hunted half the way by a minotaur... ... Anyway, he could see yet another oblivion gate from the road. He sneaked into the city and walked in the direction of the castle. As he walked by a doorway, he felt something pulling on his belt. He looked down and saw a sneaky Khajiit trying to snatch his moneybag. Ulriz jumped away from the sneaky beast and drew his sword, shouting:

- What in Oblivion are you doing!?

The Khajiit took a step backwards with wide-opened, yet extremely tired eyes mumbling.

- I am so sorry sir. I dropped my invisible deer egg and when I tried to pick it up I got stuck in your belt.

Ulriz could see this fellow wasn’t the smartest person in Leyawiin. In fact, that excuse was so weird, he could not imagine him being other than stupid. Then he got a fun idea. He raised his hands and said out loud:

- Controllingius youius stupidous!

- What was that?! The Khajiit asked, and now his tiredness was gone and he looked very frightened.

- Oh, I just threw a domination spell over you, so now you must follow all my commands until the effect wears off. Ulriz said, not thinking this would work.

- No!... When will it wear off!? The Khajiit asked now as if he were really terrified.

- I’ll tell you when it does. Now follow me to the castle. Ulriz replied, amazed that he just had fooled this person so greatly.

As they walked to the castle, the tiredness returned to the Khajiit's eyes. Then without warning the Khajiit started telling Ulriz his life story, ending it by telling him his name was Shulbasha. Inside the castle, Ulriz told Shulbasha to sit on one of the chairs until he told him otherwise.

Ulriz got the same answer from Marius Caro, the count of Leyawiin, as he had been given in Cheydinhal. So now he would have to close yet another Oblivion Gate.

Ulriz was getting really tired of being the only citizen in Cyrodiil who could close an Oblivion gate. He hurried out of the castle and forgot for the moment everything about Shulbasha so the Khajiit obediently remained sitting on the chair. He ran out of the city and all the way over to the gate where a tiny scamp stood. He stabbed the scamp and entered to Oblivion…

A couple of minutes passed and then, the gate exploded and Ulriz found himself standing by the burning remains.

- That’s four… he thought. As he walked back to the castle.

The count promised that he would send troops to Bruma when he heard about Ulriz’s success, the count then left the throne room to have supper. Ulriz then left the castle and as he passed Shulbasha he said:

- Follow me now. And the Khajiit followed him.

- Can you fight? Ulriz asked as they walked out in the late afternoon bathing in the last rays of light for the day. The Khajiit then picked up a tiny bottle from his bag hanging from his belt and as his pupils grew enormous he replied:

- No… I can’t, I… because I am a peaceful person and… Shulbasha does not have any weapon… if you don’t count the bottle…

- I see. What would you say if I bought you armor, a weapon and then trained you to become a great warrior of whom they will tell tales for all time? Ulriz asked then.

The Khajiit thought about it for a couple of minutes and then he said:

- Oh, I’d love that! Then I really would impress on Shalta… allright... as long as I don’t have to fight, I'm in.

Chapter 3: Bravil[edit]

They spent the night in Shulbasha’s house, where Shulbasha lived with his girlfriend, Shalta. Before they left Shalta the following morning, Shulbasha told her that he was going to become a hero and that he would be back in a couple of weeks. She smiled, gave him a kiss and said good luck. Then they left.

Now they had to buy some supplies and get Shulbasha some equipment. So Ulriz first visited the local merchant where he bought some bread and meat and then he brought Shulbasha to the smith where he bought an iron helm, a leather cuirass, a steel short sword and a light iron shield for Shulbasha. That would have to do.

They left a couple of hours before noon and didn’t stop for anything except for a mudcrab.

- Try kill that one. Ulriz said.

- O… ok… Shulbasha answered quietly.

He drew his sword and walked… very… slowly… up closer to the mudcrab. The mudcrab noticed him an shrieked, resulting in Shulbasha jumping backwards as long as he could.

- Oh, come on! It’s probably more frighten of you than you are of it… forward! Ulriz ordered.

Shulbasha then picked up a bottle from one of his pockets but before he could get the cork out, Ulriz hit the bottle out of Shulbasha’s hands...

It landed just behind the mudcrab…