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Elder scrolls collection is the best games I've ever played. Arena is so bloody hard! Tried to complete Oblivion 3 times so far. On my fourth run because some stupid glitch happens or my character is rather lag. Completed all the guilds, expansions, and deadric quests on my last run. Then thought it was a good idea to clear my system cache in the xbox menu. Lost Battlehorn castle and all my decorations! I cried that day. Then had to start again. That will teach anybody trying to dupe items. Just don't cheat.

This next section is not me complaining, just funny glitchy experiences.

Glitches I have experienced

  • In the Sewers at the very beginning, one of the mythic dawn attackers got stuck in the wall and I had to punch his face to kill him, because that was the only bit of body I could see. I couldn't loot the body either.
  • Imperial City Market District. Came from the Arena District, got stuck just behind the door and couldn't move any where.
  • South east tunnel, the ultimate heist, fell through the floor trying to jump on a rat. Got stuck in water and had to die.
  • At Battlehorn Castle, I gave the taxidermy woman ogre teeth then waited till 10 am, followed her to where she is supposed to put the stuffed ogre, and then she would walk off without putting the ogre there. 3 times she did this. I decided to go off and do some missions and when I returned I gave her some new ogre teeth I had just retrieved and then she actually mounted it.
  • Got stuck in a rock in West weald whilst on horse back. Tried to escape however two bandits attacked me. I killed one but Shadowmere managed to escape the hold of this freaking rock and run off to kill the other bandit. So I reload not willing to loose shadow mere somewhere in Tamrial, to my auto-save, which I was on shadow mere back. As I get of my horse I realise I am invisible, and NPC's and beasts could still see me. Looked on youtube after restlessly trying to stop being invisible. Eventually found a nice vid of someone else who had this unfortunate discovery. Found out I had to kill myself then reload to restore my visiblity.

I'd like to thank:

  • Bethesda for making such an awesome game
  • The UESP network for helping me everytime I get stuck
  • Amusei - for being the oddest Argonian
  • Lex - For locking up his mate.
  • Shadowmere - for never dieing
  • And finally every Altmer, because their the best Race

Morrowind for xbox on the way. My computer can't run Morrowind very well at all. GOTY edition £35. Hope I complete it in time for Skyrim. I can't believe they are abolishing the Race system in V. I still think it will be an awesome play. pre-orderd my copy already.

(GoHurtSomething 21:31, 2 May 2011 (UTC))

(GoHurtSomething 19:49, 11 April 2011 (UTC))