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Greetings, meatbags![edit]

Statement: Welcome to my page, but do not expect it to be anything much to look at. I am kind of lazy.

Warning: Troublemakers will be blasted on sight.

About me[edit]

As some of you may tell from my opening lines, I am a big fan of KotOR, specifically HK-47. Name's GenocideHeart (a reference to an old PSX game titled SaGa Frontier - it was the name of the final boss in the Mec T260G's quest), but you can call me GH. I'm from Italy, although my father is American, which is why I can speak and write English fluently. I am also deaf, though, so my accent is sometimes terrible. I have only been playing Oblivion for two or so months, but I previously spent months on Morrowind.

Preferred characters[edit]

Unusual is the name of the game for me. I'm the guy who will take an Orc and make him Archmage, or take a Wood Elf and make him a heavy knight. Picking conflicting classes for the race I choose is my favorite pastime. I am currently playing through the game with a male Orc, Shaman custom class. It's pretty fun, although Orc Shamans still do a fair amount of head bashing, since... well... they are Orcs, hahaha.

Favorite 'Home bases'[edit]

I don't really like buying houses. I made an exception for Benirus Manor due to the suitably creepy basement, but the place I use the most as a hangout is Fort Farragut. It has one safe chest, alchemy equipment for free and an appropriately sinister atmosphere. Alternatively, I use Bleak Flats Caves after making sure Erthor has... ah... an unfortunate accident involving the business end of my personal Mage's Staff.

Other favored hideouts include Greyland, Arnora Auria's house and the Inn of Ill Omen.