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Foxxsnsuch | Xaeret

Redoran House

Hi! I'm Matt, i am 19 from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm a new user to the wiki, hope to contribute lots of good material! mostly will be around the morrowind sections, as it is my favourite all time game.
i've been using the wiki for years and thought i might as well help out, as i noticed some of the morrowind pages were somewhat bare (for the less-important stuff)
I am very friendly, love to chat, especially about TES :) I also run a youtube channel which i will shortly be starting on walkthoughs and let-plays as i begin to part-ways with
the editing community of youtube. you can find my youtube channel below :)

I play PC mostly, and rarely play xbox but you can add me on steam or xbox if you would like.
Steam: Xaeret
Xbox: Xaeret

TES FAQ About Me:
Favourite Race: Dunmer
Favourite Specialization(s): Combat/Stealth Hybrid
Favourite Questline: Tribunal Main Quest line
Favourite Armor (looks wise): Indoril & Royal Guard
If you have any question about TES that you would like to know, please feel free to ask :)

Email 2:

Myself at Fan Expo 2013 Vancouver
My girlfriend and I at Fan Expo
More Fan Expo

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Computer Hardware Specs

2012 Mac Pro Tower
4.3ghz 6-core intel Xeon e5 1660 overclocked
32GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM
Dual Nvidia GTX 690
Display: 2, 27.5" Apple LED Cinema Displays (2560x1440)

Hard Drive Bays:
1: Startup disk, 256GB OWC Solid State Drive
2: 1.5TB 10000rpm SATA Drive
3: 4TB 7200rpm SATA Drive
4: 2TB 7200rpm SATA Drive