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What I do[edit]

I derive formulas. Skyrim:Armor and Skyrim:Enchanting Effects are my most-frequented pages.

Quibbles with the Game[edit]

  • Light Armor seems weaker overall than Heavy Armor, not least of all because the tree has two fewer perks. I would have appreciated some running speed perks.
  • Not a fan of racial scales affecting movement speed.
  • Health seems to be by far the most important attribute in the long run. If you're a heavy magic user you're going to get -100% cost for your one or two schools of choice, so it won't matter how large your Magicka bar is. With Respite and Regeneration, Stamina is even less useful than Magicka because one inexpensive Close Wounds will regenerate 150 points of Stamina. Increasing Carry Weight was a valiant attempt to throw Stamina a bone, but it's only a minor convenience at best. Meanwhile, a good Health pool is needed to keep from getting killed before you can react.
  • I kind of wish there was a Health Regen perk to go with Recovery (Magicka Regen) and Wind Walker (Stamina Regen). But then again, Health is already quite strong.
  • Enchanting and Smithing are ridiculously powerful, being as essential for any combat skill as the directly related skill. But that ground has been covered by other people already.
  • Wish Fur, Hide, Studded, Leather, and Iron armors were affected by perks (or were fully improvable without Fortify Smithing equipment).
  • Skyforge equipment seems to be rather underwhelming.
  • Alchemy takes soooo looong to level. Do normal players really chug potions all day?
  • Fallout: New Vegas had pickpocketing as part of Sneak. I think that was a better choice.
  • Lockpicking is really useless.
  • Speech is pretty weak too. At least Fallout: New Vegas had more situations where it could be used, even if Barter was separate there.
  • Containers should sort items by type if they contain more than X items.
  • If you've filled all your soul gems, but some are holding souls smaller than their capacity and you capture a bigger soul, it should replace a smaller one automatically.
  • Critical damage perks fail. 3 perks for +5% damage on average? No thanks.
  • Greatswords should attack faster than Battle Axes.
  • You should be able to chop wood manually just like mining manually.

Perk ideas[edit]

  • Replace most of Lockpicking with general perks, or maybe trapsetting
  • Dragon shouts
  • Run and/or sprint speed
  • Arrow/magic bolt velocity
  • Health regeneration rate
  • More carry weight
  • Lengthen the Smithing tree
  • Fix the racial height modifiers
  • More Light Armor perks
  • One more Restoration dual-cast perk


Actually A Deadly Verbal Debate[edit]

Next: Perks affect specific shouts.

Shout Perks
Animal Allegiance Animage, Rage (Illusion)
Aura Whisper Stability (Alteration)
Become Ethereal Stability (Alteration)
Call Dragon None
Call of Valor None
Clear Skies Stability (Alteration)
Disarm Kindred Mage
Dismay Animage, Kindred Mage, Aspect of Terror (Illusion)
Dragonrend None
Elemental Fury None
Fire Breath Augment Flames (Destruction)
Frost Breath Augment Frost (Destruction)
Ice Form Stability (Alteration)
Kyne's Peace Animage, Hypnotic Gaze (Illusion)
Marked for Death Stability (Alteration)
Slow Time Stability (Alteration)
Storm Call Augment Shock (Destruction)
Throw Voice None
Unrelenting Force None
Whirlwind Sprint None

Magic tweaks[edit]

  • Swap Alchemy and Enchantment Fortify Magic effects.
  • Dual-cast cost to 200% (same as casting separately).
  • More powerful versions of Fortify Magic School/Fortify Magicka Regen for clothing.

Weapon skill tweaks[edit]

  • Improve crit perks to +100%/+200%/+300% base damage.
  • All smithing perks add 10% to smithing instead of 2x their type.
  • Light weapons attack faster?

Armor tweaks[edit]

  • Add perk to apply Armor perks to both sides.
  • Change "when wearing all light/heavy armor" to simply require not wearing opposite type of armor.
  • Deft Movement and Reflect Blows twice as effective.
  • Add health regen perk to Heavy Armor.

Fortify effect rebalance[edit]

  • Remove spell schools from enchantment effects.
  • Improve Heavy, Light armor enchantments. Maybe flat damage reduction, or speed increase?
  • Increase Fortify Attribute base to +25.
  • Increase Fortify Regen Attribute base to +25%.
  • Reduce weapon skills to +8% base.

Perk counts[edit]

Skill Number of perks
Alteration 14
Conjuration 16
Destruction 17
Enchanting 13
Illusion 13
Restoration 13
Archery 16
Block 13
Heavy armor 12
One-handed 21
Smithing 10
Two-handed 19
Alchemy 15
Light armor 10
Lockpicking 11
Pickpocket 12
Sneak 13
Speech 13