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Hi, I'm Erathoniel. I'm gonna ramble about myself for a while. If you want a summary or miscellaneous information, you can look below here. I'm a conservative Christian. I am not terribly radical about it, though. I'm tolerant. Except in some cases. You don't have to worry about it, though, you have to be looking for trouble. I enjoy webcomics, video games, pen-and-paper games, technology, fantasy, hard science fiction, cyberpunk, any mix of the former three, heavy metal, and pretty much anything. To a point.

Full Name Erathoniel Woodenbow Nickname Era
Birthday Dec. 24th Gaming Alias Winsu (Drako) or Erathoniel
Favorite Class/Archetype Mage or thief, preferably a mix of both. Favorite Genre Fantasy, preferably blended with science fiction (Shadowrun style)
HP (average) 40 MP (average) 150
Level 1 Gold 0
Responsibility 90 Aggression 30
Essential No, but makes everything better. Faction(s) Teh Awesome Guild, Arch-Awesome.

About Me[edit]

  • I joined May 28 (technically 27, but I didn't post anything), 2008, but I lurked for a while before that. I'm an admin on the GearHead Wiki (link subject to change). I've also got my own Wiki (try Google, or my Blog, I posted about it a few times).
  • Yes, I am a "rabid radical conservative Christian Republican", but I'm not that bad. I don't bite. Most of the time.
  • I was a major Star Wars fan (though it's receded, in favor of The Elder Scrolls), and can answer a fair deal of questions. I don't actually know that much about the movies and their events, though (seen them, never retained any).
  • I tend to stick to myself when playing multiplayer. If I'm in a group or clan, they're friends IRL. Or occasionally, on VERY RARE occasions friends in gaming communities. Even rarer is any relationship made ENTIRELY in game. PureTrem is the only one that comes to mind, some of the people there are nice. When playing as dretches, though, they do bite.

My Characters[edit]

  • I have one Oblivion character, and about thirty or so Morrowind characters.
  • All of my characters (or all I play using) have good Athletics and Acrobatics and a decent Speed (usually from focus or birthsign).
  • My Oblivion character is a level 7 (8?) Breton mage-thief combo who uses unarmed and no armor (11 in heavy being his highest!). He's a competent mage, though, when he's not wearing armor, and has a custom drain (20 health/2 sec) that lets him do almost anything.
  • My Oblivion character dies at least once every thirty minutes.

My TES Experiences[edit]

  • I play Morrowind on PC, Oblivion on 360. I play on a laptop.
  • My first Elder Scrolls game was Morrowind (arguably Arena, but I didn't play it much, and I got it from the free release), and I got Oblivion for 360 sometime a month or so ago. I'm a fan of the series, and I like to (in a humility-free fashion) consider myself a loremaster (granted, mainly from here, so I guess it balances out).
  • Oh, wait, selfish plug: Arg Domurg. My crappy Morrowind random dungeon. Will you, it's fun, but it didn't take much effort (use random generation tool, post dungeon entrance in Seyda Neen). Google it. It should be on Filefront (TES Files and just in my profile), and nowhere else (except you'll find links to it on my blog).

My Mod Ideas and Projects (Current)[edit]

  • I'd really like to see my Mechromancy (Name subject to change) universe put into Morrowind. It would, however, require a "fortify magicka" effect to work really well. Granted, it is a sci-fi setting, and may be doomed from the start for that. However, it is magic-heavy sci-fi, so it could be worked in with only melee weapons and magic.
  • Project Alpha: My first Project, it's gonna be revamping Morrowind to play more like Oblivion. It probably won't get far, but one never knows (it will be faster, though, if I get it to work). I'm starting off of Aragon's work, and I'm gonna make it my own over time. Giving credit entirely, of course.

My Oblivion Recommendations[edit]

  • First, get 100% Chameleon. If you think it breaks immersion, you don't have to. It's a recommendation.
  • Buffs are great. I recommend at least one for Acrobatics, and one for Athletics, as they help when moving from place to place. Stamina regen may be added, but is not needed.
  • Get the Skeleton Key, don't bother with leveling Alteration to unlock everything. It's much easier.
  • Get Azura's Star, a good bow, and Soultrap (ranged, of course). Armorer skill recommended also.
  • Avoid a reliance on potions. Get a good Willpower and cast Restoration spells instead.
  • Learn enough Alteration to use some Feather, it's useful.