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BM-creature-Werewolf.jpg This user wishes they were a Werewolf.

[1] I am a werewolf here!

><img src=''>Furrball the Dusty
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Finally! now I can do (almost) anything and amaze my friends with my awesome knowledge of the Elder Scrolls! Unfortunately, I can't stand Morrowind so I'm only good on Oblivion things. However, I know a ton of things about Oblivion and have played 10 games in Oblivion each with 200+ hours of game play. Every time I see something interesting to test... I test it.

I love the online games of Adventurequest[2], Mechquest[3] and Dragonfable[4] and the game Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria. I love Oblivion the most.

Ko Shring Kiff-

lvl: 15 A strong Kajhit assasin, Ko Shring Kiff was killed on accident when he fell from the roof of a house in the IC and then was slain by guards.

Ghost Wanderer


A mage well traveled in the many universes and worlds, he always has great magical power everywhere he goes. He quickly became Arch-Mage of the Mage's Guild (though truly as powerful as any Battlemage), Leader of the Fighter's Guild and Champion of Cyrodil. Due to unknown powers, soon after his breakout of the Prison, he destroyed the tower known as Frostcrag Spire and disappeared, presumed dead, for 10 days. Then, again in a show of great power, he appeared in the Mage's Guild Academy in the IC, carrying a mace of great power, along with Frostcrag Spire appearing undamaged in the mountains. At one point he reported being approached in a ruin by a certain Lucien Lachance. Though claiming great power and even retribution should he die, Lucien was quickly slain by Wanderer. When asked abut his name, Wanderer simply said, "Like a ghost in the night, I appear when most needed and I am nearly invincible, though I have died before... a most unpleasant experience indeed. As for the title 'Wanderer'... I... wander." He also has claimed to travel through time, saying that throughout the Oblivion Crisis, though reported being seen many times, he only escorted Martin Septim in the last battle in the IC. He reportedly likes a substance he calls "Salt Water Taffy, more commonly Taffy" that he says he found in a universe near a place called "Monterey" and now makes in his tower and eats happily.