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Dr. Kilereren
(RefID: xxsecret)
Home City Just some town...
Location Anywhere at any time
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 255 Class Bard
Available Never (He's always in a random town)
Other Information
Health 1 / 0
Magicka OVER 9000!!!!!
Responsibility Not very Aggression Angry as hell
Faction(s) Evil -- no affiliation

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The Doctor[edit]

Oh, hello, I am Dr. Alexander Leopold Adolphus Waterburton, an editor here on the UESP wiki. I am always on Steam under the account name "Kilereren", so feel free to add me (Don't expect a response). I'm glad to be here on the UESP to help people struggling in the game or wanting to learn about it, as I did when I discovered the place. I usually make minor edits, like adding something to a section or fixing a grammar mistake.

Faveorite Oblivion(and extensions thereof) people[edit]



Fafnir(For his sense of style)

That cute rat in the Dark Brotherhood, I wonder how he does contracts?!

Vicente Valrieri

Antoinetta Marie

Least favorite Oblivion (and extensions thereof) people[edit]

Lazare Milvan

Raminus Polus


Other targets of the Dark Brotherhood