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Hi, I'm Deadlykris. I could have sworn I joined this site before today, but apparently I didn't. I used to be a regular poster on the official Elder Scrolls forums on Bethesda's website during a time when I was playing Oblivion regularly and taking a break from World of Warcraft. I'm taking a break from WoW again, and playing Oblivion regularly again. Details about my WoW gaming can be found on WoWWiki.

I chose this name first for a Gnome Mage character in WoW as a multifaceted pun. There's a random-enchanted dagger called a Deadly Kris in that game (Deadly Kris of #enchantname) which is the basis of the pun; Gnomes are the smallest race, and daggers are the smallest weapons; my real name is Kris; mages are rather powerful, and could legitimately be described as being deadly (though while leveling, I often made the comment that I should have called myself "Deathlykris" due to my all-too-frequent dying). I created that character originally on the Doomhammer realm, but later moved it to Terenas and then to Trollbane where it currently resides. I then created a Blood Elf Paladin with that name on Doomhammer, and that Paladin remains on that realm to this day.

Back in about 2004 or so I bought a video card, and bundled with that card was a copy of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I played that game extensively and then moved on to other games. In October or November of that year I took over a friend's WoW Open Beta account and played that until it closed; afterward, I just wanted to play WoW but I couldn't, and didn't want to go back to Halo, so I dusted off Morrowind and started playing that again until WoW was released on November 23. Since then I've only played Morrowind on two other occasions, and both times it fell short of my memory of what the game was like so I stopped playing; it just couldn't compare to WoW or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

I've played Oblivion off and on ever since June of 2006, when, in the course of my job as a computer technician, I had to upgrade a customer's computer to make it suitable to play the game. I had it over the weekend, and before the weekend was out I'd beaten the main quest on easy difficulty. Afterwards I got my own copy and installed it on my own computer. I use a number of mods including UOP and several of the DLCs including Knights of the Nine, Wizard's Tower, The Vile Lair, and as of yesterday, Fighter's Stronghold. I recently discovered that I've been playing the game on Easy since I got it; I bumped it up to Default and started a new character, and quickly rediscovered the challenge that the game was recently lacking for me.

I mainly play female characters. I've played Bosmer, Breton, and Altmer characters to a high level, and I've played to some extent as a male Argonian and a male Khajiit. My favorite two races, however, are ones added by mods: Ainmhi and Mystic Elves. I use Ainmhi for combat-oriented characters (including Battlemage-type classes) while I use Mystic Elves for pure casters and unarmored melee/caster characters. Either race works well for stealthy characters; one of my favorite recent characters was a Mystic Elven stealth/magic hybrid that used Fire Shield, Frost Shield, and Shock Shield enchants on plain clothes from Sigil Stones to achieve max physical damage mitigation of 85 points with 100% spell effectiveness, as well as considerable resistance to magic damage (Mystic Elves already have some resistance to both fire and generic magic).

will add more later