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About Me

I am new to using the site (I used to make my contributions under this ), but i have Morrowind (which I just started playing again) original version for xbox without plugins and Oblivion with all Xbox 360 official plugins (which are what I think forced my 360 to "Hardrun" my game and make the circle scratch that ruined the disk. (as well as ruin the second disc I bought)) and I have some of the unofficial plugins for PC (as well as plugins of my own design). I tried playing playing Battlespire a few times at a friend's house. I liked it enough, but I found this one little girl in the game to be extremely annoying and my friend, knowing it aggravated me, only would let me play at that individual part of the game (So I don't really know to much about it). I do wonder why they haven't made a second game in it's series.