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The Dragonstone[edit]

The Dragonstone

The Dragonstone is an ancient object of great importance to the Dragon Cult. On one face is markings on a map that reveals the location of fallen Dragons loyal to Alduin. The opposite face contains a short inscription pledging their resolve to wait for his return. It can be retreived in game from a Draugr Overlord in Bleak Falls Barrow. It can be retrieved during The Golden Claw, but will not be needed until Farengar Secret-Fire asks for it to be retrieved during the quest Bleak Falls Barrow. If picked up early, you'll be carrying around 25 extra pounds of weight that can't be dropped.

Item ID Weight Value Notes
Dragonstone 000ad06f 25 0 Version used during the E3 demo of the game.
Dragonstone 000df202 25 0 Version used during the actual game.
Transliteration Translation
Here lie UNour
MAHLaaNfallen lords
ERei(?) power SEof
Alduin VORKii(?).

Map of Dragon Burials[edit]

During A Blade in the Dark the Blades leader, Delphine, will reveal that Alduin is resurrecting Dragons from burial mounds all over Skyrim. Using the Dragonstone's map face she has created a map of the burial sites and predicted which one would be resurrected next. Using either this map or the Dragonstone the player can search out and find the burial mounds from all over Skyrim.

Item ID Weight Value Notes
Map of Dragon Burials 000bbcd5 0 0 Tends to disappear if displayed in your house.

Dragon Burial Sites[edit]

Each Dragon burial mound contains a long deceased Dragon loyal to Alduin. As you progress through the game, Alduin will systematically resurrect the Dragons long buried in the mounds. This is a major part of the quest A Blade in the Dark. Although Alduin will have begun to open mounds before that quest ever starts. Mounds can be found in two states, open or closed. If visited during the correct time frame however it is possible to encounter the resurrected Dragon or even witness the moment of resurrection. The time frame is measured in terms of main quest progression rather than in game days. If the time frame for a Dragon mound encounter passes, the Dragon may move on and only an empty mound will be found.

The Dragonstone markings transposed onto a map of Skyrim.
# Hold Coord Resurrection Dragon
1 The Reach -157449.38 25935.79 -2093.4 (?) (?)
Located just over the hill to the northwest of The Lover Stone.
2 The Reach -136840.98 67918.86 -7321.86 (?) (?)
An isolated mound located between Harmugstahl and Deepwood Redoubt at the base of two hills.
3 The Reach -126119.34 -1018.04 -6440.31 (?) (?)
On a small overlook above the bridge crossing near the Forsworn encampment at Karthspire
4 Whiterun Hold -91120.06 4255.86 -2096 (?) (?)
Nearby Rorikstead along the road that leads southwest toward Serpent's Bluff.
5 Falkreath Hold -75841.8 -34688.64 246.45 (?) Nahagliiv
On a small hill overlooking Fort Sungard from the south southeast, just northeast of Bilegulch Mine.
6 Whiterun Hold -50010.23 -30385.38 -4310.32 (?) (?)
A henged mound at the crossroads between Whiterun, Falkreath, and Rorikstead. Just west of Bloated Man's Grotto.
7 Whiterun Hold -35028.65 6602.6 -7586.24 (?) Vuljolnaak
A mound in the plains of Whiterun near the stream that passes to the southeast of Greenspring Hollow.
8 Falkreath Hold -52912.36 -70377.55 -1460.98 (?) (?)
A jagged mound in the wilderness of Falkreath Hold just southwest of Evergreen Grove.
9 Haafingar -79286 78866 -13043 (?) (?)
An edged mound overlooking the Karth River nestled into the hillside just northwest of Meeko's Shack.
10 Hjaalmarch -72390 54950 -10370 (?) (?)
Hidden in the hills directly to the northwest of Dead Men's Respite.
11 Hjaalmarch -36366.36 50819.98 -9443.83 (?) (?)
A snowy mound located on the northeast base of Eldersblood Peak almost due south of Morthal.
12 The Pale 4028.92 97069.12 -11127.41 (?) (?)
A snow-capped mound found just southeast of the Pale Imperial Camp surrounded by obelisks.
13 Falkreath Hold 16090.68 -103721.23 17286.84 (?) (?)
A snow-capped mound found in the mountains just south of Greywater Grotto along the road leading from Bloodlet Throne to Fort Neugrad.
14 Whiterun Hold 46061.63 16236.71 -4641.85 Found open after Elder Knowledge (?)
A mound surrounded by stone cairns north-northwest of Shimmermist Cave just before the snowline.
15 The Pale 100492.84 39494.16 -8397.79 Resurrection witnessed during Elder Knowledge Viinturuth
A snowy mound along the road leading northwest from Anga's Mill near the source of the River Yorgrim.
16 Eastmarch 146095.08 13652.47 -8669.37 Resurrected during A Blade in the Dark Sahloknir
A mound that Alduin resurrects during the main quest located by following the road uphill out of Kynesgrove.
17 Eastmarch 129167.1 3599.29 -11367.9 Found open after The Way of the Voice Unknown
A mound directly to the southwest of Kynesgrove along the sulfur shelves.
18 Eastmarch 125481.4 -14214.55 -10410.84 Found open after Dragon Rising Unknown
A mound located amongst the sulfur pools to the west-southwest of the Bonestrewn Crest
19 Eastmarch 155868.72 -20591.54 -9418.71 Found open after Dragon Rising Unknown
A mound to the southeast of Steamcrag Camp at the edge of the volcanic tundra along the road leading to Riften.
20 The Rift 96460.12 -91942.98 13451.81 (?) (?)
In the wilderness of the The Rift, at the base of the mountain north of Froki's Shack.
21 The Rift 145582.02 -80271.28 10299.4 (?) (?)
North of Lake Honrich due west of Autumnshade Clearing.
22 The Rift 174476.52 -118278.34 12817.8 Found open after Diplomatic Immunity Unknown
A runed mound just north of Overlook, almost visible to the east from the stairs leading to the Dragon's Lair.