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This fanfiction has been temporarily discontinued so that I may focus more on watching the Recent Changes page and the like. It will be continued shortly (that is, once I feel like I've contributed a fair deal to the Wiki).

Auri-El Reborn

What's This About?[edit]

This is a possibility of what happened at Red Mountain (and slightly before) through the eyes of Dumac Dwarfking. Now then, shall we move on to the story?

Note: This is still a work in the making. This is my first Fanfiction (or it's supposed to be) and I'm not experienced on how to do this but I'm gonna give it a shot. Part of this story is not given through the eyes of Dumac. Instead chapter 4 (I will add more later) is written in 3rd person view. Enjoy!


I should have known. Kagrenac will pay. This I swear. I write this now as I watch my enemies and my friends fight over the Heart. Vivec, Almalexia, Sotha Sil, Dagoth-Ur, Kagrenac, Nerevar, and all the others...betrayed me! But I know now that Nerevar was only doing what he thought was right. I don't blame him. Nerevar, rend the flesh of that scum-sucking traitor, Kagrenac, and all those that helped him! I, Dumac Dwarfking, ask this of you, my good friend Nerevar and all those that follow him! Perhaps I should take some time to explain. Here are parts of my journal that I've kept as well as what I am writing now.

Chapter One: The First Meeting[edit]

Nerevar stepped into the dark, round, metallic room which it appeared to me he thought, incorrectly, that this was my throne room. No this was the council room of House Dwemer and this meeting would be a vital one.

"Greetings, Nerevar, lord of the Chimer. Or perhaps a representative? Either way, please, sit." I said. Nerevar obeyed and began to speak to me about the purpose of this meeting.

"Dumac Dwarfking, I come to you with a warning and a proposition which my benefit both our peoples." said Nerevar. He, like myself, seemed cautious, almsot mistrusting. I noticed this and spoke up about it.

"Do not fear me, follower of Azura, for I will not harm you unless you threaten me or my people." This seemed to confort Nerevar (or reasure him) as he slackened the strain and tensity that had been on his shoulders. And what he said next confirmed my suspicions.

"That is good to know, Dumac. I now wish to speak of my purpose here."

"Very well. Continue, great Chimer."

"Dumac, a great threat approaches this land and while you may be able to defeat them alone, we cannot. Furthermore, there would be fewer casualties for both of our armies if we were to form together our forces. And it may further the chances of victory for both of us. What say you to this?" said Nerevar, a begging look in his eyes. I think he was trying to hide it, but I could tell.

"I don't know, Nerevar. We are a wise and thinking people. We are not hasty in war as we are in one-on-one combat." for a moment I paused and I could see Nerevar's heart sink. "But, you do make a good point. Perhaps it would benefit us both if we combined our armies. After all, what could go wrong with our combined power versus their forces?"

"So you agree?" Nerevar asked as he perked up.

I hesitated for a moment. "Yes" is what I was finally able to say. The only thing I was able to say, oddly enough, as usually I have much to say.

"Oh this is great news!" said an elated Nerevar, "Thank you Dumac Dwarfking, and may this be a beginning of a wonderful friendship between us and may the racism and shunning cease from this day foward!"

But many bad things would result from this, unbeknownst to me at the time. But if I could have seen how bad this really was, I wouldn't be dying right now, now would I?

Chapter Two: Dwemereth or Resdayn?[edit]

Not long after that meeting I began to hear many of my counselors argue about the joining of Dwemereth and the land of the Chimer. They wanted to be indepentdant from every other nation, whom they deemed to be lesser. They detested the newly formed Resdayn and they wanted it to be Dwemereth once again. Typical. But I was to be an exception. I was going to attempt to break the barrier between the Chimer and the Dwemer. We are brothers and sisters. All of us are descendants of the Aldmer. Aldmeis is all of our homeland and no one knows where it went or even what happened to our homeland of Old Elnofey. We must learn to come together, even if we do not agree in some things such as religion.

I too love our land of Dwemereth. It is where I was born, where I grew up, where I have been for most of my life. And that is why I have joined the Chimer and become a part of Resdayn: to preserve Dwemereth. My friends, or most of them, and my advisors do not see this for some reason. Why? I even got into an argument with one of my most trusted advisors today. This is what I remember.

He stopped right in front of me and I demanded to know why he had done so.

"What is it you want, Advisor?" I asked him.

"I wish to speak with you Dumac."

"About what? What is the meaning of this?" I implored.

"I think you know what this is about, Dumac."

"Wha..." I paused and then I realized what he was speaking of. I continued, "Why can't you all just embrace the Chimer as our allies and friends?"

"Because!" he roared "They have long been our mortal enemies and now you would attempt to change all of that? You truly are a foll, great Dumac, and I will not follow a fool. If you do not either take back your descision or convince me that you have done the right thing in forming an alliance with Indoril Nerevar and his fellow Chimer!"

With that he violently brushed past me and I now felt confusion, anger, sorrow, and scorn towards Ngtharnd. Yes that was his name: Ngtharnd.

The next day I again saw Ngtharnd during a scheduled meeting on how we were to aid the Chimer and how not doing so would affect us in the worst way. Ngtharnd looked scornful towards me as I rose to give my speech about why helping the Chimer woud help us, the Dwemer. I tried not to let it bother me as I knew, even if everyone else did not, that action had to be taken before grave damage could be inflicted by these invaders unto our great and mighty civilization. I began to speak.

"Dearest Advisors." I began "Many of you doubt my judgement in the decision of making an alliance with Nerevar and the Chimer. You think that this war, this invasion does not and will not ever affect us in even the slightest way. But you are wrong. I am sorry to say so, but you are. These invaders will not stop with the Chimer. As with all of us, they to want much land. They want to rule the entire world. And even we, the mighty Dwemer would be defenceless to stop them if we should let them absorb the Chimer into their empire. Sometimes even we, proud and stout Dwemer, must swallow our pride for the sake of all, including us. Please my Advisors. Please see the sense behind my descision. Either way, we are going through with this. What I say goes but please, I just want you to see that this affects everyone in Dwemereth and in Resdayn. You must see that. Please. That is all."

I ended my speech and I seemed to have convinced many of my Advisors. But Ngthatrnd remained ignorant. He remained defiant. But it did not matter. W would still go to war all the same. Whether he liked it or not. And there wasn't anything he could do about just as there's nothing I can do about my wounds and my inevitabale death right now. However I do not regret my descision, as I know that the Chimer, at least shall survive.

Chapter Three: The First Enemy Is Repelled[edit]

The day that the battle against these outsiders, identified as Nords, was a resounding success for my people as well as Nerevar's. The First Council had truly succeeded now. Nothing could stop us. Or so we thought. Let me now describe in detail what happened that day.

As Resdayn's armies met King Vrage's, we were not sure that we could win. They had a pretty sizeable army even when compared to our army, which was the combined forces of the Dwemer and the Chimer. The size of their army, even with our alliance, was daunting. Even so we eagerly went to battle. After a short speech, our two massive armies collided.....

Swords flailed madly. We, the Dwemer, mostly had warhammers and axes. I had a short-sword, an axe, and a warhammer. I first drew my sword. I cut one man's throat, right across his vocal cords. I could hear the gurgling of blood flooding his mouth. Blood spewed everywhere, and his vocal chords spilt onto the ground. He fell and died. I hit another man with the hilt of my sword, came around, put one handunder his riht armpit and around and from behind stabbed his left shoulder, right in between his shoulder balde on the pressure point. He screamed in pain and begged for his life. I didn't really care, and I beheaded him. Then I took out my axe, sheathing my short-sword. I cut an X into one man's chest and when he fell to his knees I brought my axe down onto the top of his head. Blood gushed out and he died within a few seconds. I then took out my warhammer and smashed one man across the left side of his neck, virtually decapitating him. "Virtually" didn't matter. He died almost immediately from bloodloss.

After a long while we had broken through the first group of soldiers. The next wave poured foward. I immediately brought out my short-sword, impaling one man and decaptitaing the next. It was getting irritating having to constantly kill. I briefly glanced over at Nerevar. Him and his side of the army wasn't holding up as well as mine. I immediately rushed over there and just as he blocked the sword of one Nord, I sliced the damn barbarian's back! Nerevar thanked me, and e continued to figt. We were an unstopable fighting team. We talked about that for years to come. Then we had finally wiped out th second wave. It was time for the final wave. Time to take on the King.

These warriors were far more skilled than those of the previous two waves. And they were much more structured and well-trained. I knew this would not be an easy fight. I swung diagonally towards one man's neck and, to my suprise, he actually managed to block my quick thrust. He then spun his sword in a circle, quite skillfully, and threw my sword aside. He then swung for my neck. I ducked and brought my sword up in between his triangular-shaped arms and stabbed him straight through the heart. He immediately fell to the ground. The bastard was dead! I immediately turned to King Vrage.

As I charged towards him, killing anyone in my way, he appeared to be panicking. A damn good actor he was. He automatically, like machinery, blocked my swing. I kept swinging. Left, right, left, right, dagonally righ, diagonally left, up, left, down, diagonally right, left, right. He blocked every single one and even managed to get a few strokes in. I blocked them as well, but was now less confident of victory than I had benn previously. Finally, I swung my leg at his, knocking him off balance. I then saw my chance to strike an did so. I heard my sword go through his flesh. I looked and blood was pooring from the left arm joint area. He stumbled. I saw another chance and truck him in theopposite area. And finally, I stabbed him straight through the heart. He fell to his knees. Then, I cut off his head. It was finally over. The army saw they're king dead. They surrendered and we made them prisoners. We wanted... information out of them. But the Nords were now the least of our worries.

Chapter Four: Accusations[edit]

Vivec hurried to find Nerevar. It was urgent that he know what the Dwemer were up to. Vivec had known all along that the Dwemer would betray them, but he had not been expecting what he had now found. It is one thing to deny the existance of a higher power. But to attempt to create one! That is something else entirely!!! thought Vivec. Finally he found Nerevar speaking with Almalexia.

"Nerevar! Nerevar!" Vivec yelled frantically.

"Yes. What is it?" said Nerevar, turning away from Almalexia who was also curious as to what Vivec could want.

"We- we- we've found intelligence that suggests the Dwemer are building a monstrous machine which they call Anumidum." he said, now out of breath. Nerevar raised an eyebrow.

"And you know this for sure?" inquired Nerevar.

"Well... no. We're not entirely sure but a spy has reported hearing talk of this metal monster throughout Red Mountain." Vivec replied.

"Hmmm. Well I suppose it's worth checing out. Come now, Vivec; Almalexia. Find Dagoth Ur and Sotha Sil. We're going to Red Mountain. I want to speak with Dumac about this."

-- At Red Mountain 3 Days Later --