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traits: race, gender, height, weight, voice type, death item; Destructible Object; Sounds tab; Animation tab; Character Gen tabs
stats: level, autocalc, skills, health/magicka/stamina, speed, bleedout, class
factions: factions and assigned crime faction
spelllist: spells and perks
AI Data: aggression/confidence/morality, combat style, and gift filter
AI Packages: only the basic Packages listed on the AI Packages tab; rest of tab controlled by Def Pack List
Base Data: name and short name; flags for Essential, Protected, Respawn, Summonable, Simple Actor, and Doesn't affect stealth meter
inventory: all outfits and geared-up item -- but not death item
Def Pack List: the dropdown-selected package lists on the AI Packages tab
Attack Data: override from behavior graph race, events, and data