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This is an archive of past UESPWiki:Community Portal discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.
This is a major community-wide discussion that has been resolved. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.

I have put together a proposal for a major revamp and reorganization of the Morrowind Quest pages for review and comment. There has been a recent increase in the volume of information on UESP associated with Morrowind, including a couple of major projects to add Location pages and NPC pages similar to those currently available for Oblivion. If a revamp of the current quest pages is warranted, it needs to be completed before considerable progress is made on the Location and NPC pages to avoid additional unnecessary rework to change links to quests on all these separate pages. Please review and comment with additional suggestions.

(Note: This proposal has been included here, but actually exists on a personal sandbox page. When commenting on this proposal, please make every effort to include your comments here rather than on the sandbox page since it will most likely be subject to change, and will be deleted once the revamp is complete)

Proposed Morrowind Quest Pages Structure

The following is a proposed structure for quest pages and breadcrumb trails for Morrowind. Even though a number of the quests are small in nature, I propose that we create a separate page for each quest except for a few small exceptions -- some of the early guild quests involve running a number of errands for various people; if there are quests that are similar in nature that are sequential and assigned by the same NPC, these quests may be combined onto one quest page, with a part A and B. (Example: Gathering Mushrooms and Flora for Adjira in the Balmora Mages Guild)

Also, I propose that we revisit the names that have been given to the individual quests. Not all of the current Morrowind Quest names are indicative of the actual quest (for example, the quest titled "Lord's Mail" has two parts: Lord's Mail and Chrysamere, that are part of the same quest, yet the current title makes no mention of Chrysamere.)

The following are items of note when reviewing this proposal.

  • Each bolded title listed below is equivalent to a breadcrumb trail template (i.e., House Hlaalu Quests, House Redoran Quests, etc.)

A few changes of note: For Miscellaneous Quests, I'm proposing the following changes:

  • Ashlander Tribes get their own subcategory for miscellaneous quests

Proposed Organization for Morrowind Quest pages

Main Quest

The current organization for the Main Quest line is fine. Each step is listed on a separate page, and rightfully so since each step is successive, and is involved enough to warrant a separate page. This proposal does not involve changes to the structure or organization of the main quest line.

House Hlaalu Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Nileno Dorvayn's Quests, Balmora
  • Edryno Arethi's Quests, Vivec
  • Crassius Curio's Quests, Vivec
  • Odral Helvi's Quests, Caldera
  • Imeni Dren's Quests, Vivec
  • Duke Vedam Dren's Quests, Ebonhart

House Redoran Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Neminda's Quests, Ald'Ruhn
  • Theldyn Virith's Quests, Ald Velothi
  • Athyn Sarethi's Quests, Ald'ruhn
  • Lloros Sarano's Quests, Ald'ruhn
  • Redoran Councillor Quests, Ald'ruhn
  • Faral Retheran's Quests, Vivec
  • Tuveso Beleth's Quests, Ald'ruhn

House Telvanni Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Raven Omayn's Quests, Sadrith Mora
  • Arara Uvulas' Quests, Sadrith Mora
  • Felise Ulessen's Quests, Sadrith Mora
  • Baladas Demnevanni's Quests, Gnisis
  • Mallam Ryon's Quests, Sadrith Mora
  • Galos Mathendis' Quests, Sadrith Mora
  • Therana's Quest, Tel Branora
  • Dratha's Quest, Tel Mora
  • Neloth's Quest, Tel Naga (Sadrith Mora)
  • Aryon's Quests, Tel Vos
  • Fast Eddie's Quests, Sadrith Mora

Fighters Guild Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Eydis Fire-Eye's Quests, Balmora Guild
  • Lorbumol gro-Aglakh' Quests, Vivec Guild
  • Hrundi's Quests, Sadrith Mora Guild
  • Percius Mercius' Quests, Ald'ruhn Guild
  • Sjoring Hard-Heart's Quests, Vivec Guild

Mages Guild Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Ajira's Quests, Balmora Guild
  • Ranis Athrys' Quests, Balmora Guild
  • Edwinna Elbert's Quests, Ald'ruhn Guild
  • Skink-in-Tree's-Shade Quests, Sadrith Mora Guild
  • Trebonius Artorius' Quests, Vivec Guild

Thieves Guild Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Sugar-Lips Habasi's Quests, Balmora Guild
  • Aengoth the Jeweler's Quests, Ald'ruhn Guild
  • Big Helende's Quests, Sadrith Mora Guild
  • Gentleman Jim Stacey's Quests, Vivec Guild
  • Thieves Guild Quests
  • The Bal Molagmer Quests

Imperial Legion Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • General Darius' Quests, Gnisis
  • Imsin the Dreamer's Quests, Buckmoth Legion Fort
  • Radd Hard-Heart's Quests, Moonmoth Legion Fort
  • Frald the White's Quests, Ebonheart
  • Varus Vantinius' Quests, Ebonheart

Imperial Cult Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Synnolian Tunifus's Quests, Imperial Chapels, Ebonheart
  • Iulus Truptor's Quests, Imperial Chapels, Ebonheart
  • Kaye's Quests, Imperial Chapels, Ebonheart
  • Lalaia Varian's Quests, Imperial Chapels, Ebonheart

Tribunal Temple Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Tuls Valen's Quests, Ald'ruhn Temple
  • Endryn Llethan's Quests, Vivec High Fane
  • Tharer Rotheloth's Quests, Molag Mar Temple
  • Uvoo Llaren's Quests, Ghostgate Temple
  • Archcanon Tholer Saryoni's Quests, Vivec High Fane

Morag Tong Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Writs of Execution (Given By Any Quest Giver)
  • Eno Hlaalu's Quests, Vivec Guild
  • Threads of the Webspinner Quests
  • Morag Tong Quests

Ashlander Tribe Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Ahemmusa Tribe Quests
  • Erabenimsun Tribe Quests
  • Urshilaku Tribe Quests

Vampire Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Clan Aundae's Quests
  • Clan Berne's Quests
  • Clan Quarra's Quests
  • Quests from Any Clan

Daedric Shrine Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • Azura's Quest
  • Boethiah's Quest
  • Malacath's Quest
  • Mehrunes Dagon's Quest
  • Mephala's Quest
  • Molag Bal's Quest
  • Sheogorath's Quest

Miscellaneous Quests

  • Table of Quests
  • General Quests and Information
  • Propylon Indices
  • Awaken the Sleepers
  • Ald'Ruhn Quests
  • Ald Velothi Quests
  • Balmora Quests
  • Caldera Quests
  • Ebonhart Quests
  • Monmooth Legion Fort Quests
  • Pelagiad Quests
  • Seyda Neen Quests
  • Suran Quests
  • Vivec Quests
  • Foreign Quarter
  • Hlaalu Canton
  • Redoran Canton
  • Telvanni Canton
  • St. Delwyn's Canton
  • St. Olm's Canton
  • Temple Canton
  • Surrounding Area
  • Other Locations Quests
  • Ghostgate Quests
  • Gnisis Quests
  • Hla Oad Quests
  • Khuul Quests
  • Maar Gan Quests
  • Sadrith Mora Quests
  • Tel Branora Quests
  • Tel Mora Quests
  • Tel Vos Quests
  • Vos Quests


Some of the page titles look a little wordy. For example, Sugar-Lips Habasi's Quests, Balmora Guild could be condensed to Balmora Thieves Guild Quests. Otherwise, this plan looks feasible. I'll study it some more, and I'll let you know if I have any more suggestions. --Aristeo | Talk 11:19, 31 October 2006 (EST)

How are you planning to handle Prerequisite and Next Quests on these pages? Just fill in the next one for the quest giver, or not fill one in at all? Morrowind's guild quests are pretty non-linear. --Ratwar 11:25, 6 November 2006 (EST)

See my talk page for a response--Hoggwild5 15:36, 6 November 2006 (EST)

Moved from Community Portal --Wrye --Wrye 22:35, 19 December 2006 (EST)