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This template quickly produces a list of linked items using the {{Autolink}} template for each entry.


Parameter Scope Description
ns_base optional Namespace to use for links.
sep optional Separator between items. (This parameter can be inherited in cases where there are numerous LinkLists on a page.)
showempty optional If a value is specified, empty values will always be displayed along with a separator; otherwise, they will be ignored.
(others) optional The text of each item to be linked. Can include a mix of plain text and links when name overriding is necessary.


{{LinkList|Cabbage|Red Apple|Salt Pile|ns_base=Skyrim}}

Cabbage, Red Apple, Salt Pile

{{LinkList|Defense of Whiterun|A False Front (Imperial)|sep= • |ns_base=Skyrim}}

Defense of WhiterunA False Front

{{LinkList|Defense of Whiterun|[[Skyrim:A False Front (Imperial)|A False Front (Imperial)]]
|[[Skyrim:A False Front (Stormcloaks)|A False Front (Stormcloaks)]]|sep=<br>|ns_base=Skyrim}}

Defense of Whiterun
A False Front (Imperial)
A False Front (Stormcloaks)