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Display/freezing problems with this quest[edit]

Anyone else having video problems with this quest? I have a Radeon 6850 which works fine at High or some Ultra settings. Elsewhere in Skyrim, it has been very smooth even at max res. Here, at Hraggstad however, at around 70% complete, there was stuttering. By the time it was 20% complete, I had 8-10 seconds of frozen display, then about 1/4 second of fight, repeating. I thought things would get better as the enemy was depleted, but it actually got worse and worse until near 0%, when everything returned to normal. I closed other running apps, lowered my display options to Low/1024x768, rebooted... nothing helped until it was about over... odd - .1 fps at low video with a mid/high video card?! — Unsigned comment by Trep35 (talkcontribs) on 21 January 2012

Yes, I had exactly the same problem (with a Radeon 6950).— Unsigned comment by (talk) on 17 February 2012
I'm playing this quest for the second time on a 360. The first time around I didn't run into this problem but now I am. I have no idea. I'm writing this now as all the other troops are taking over the fort, lol. I'm not even trying to fight with the constant freezing.

Quest crashes game[edit]

For some odd reason in this part of the quest my game crashes. Anywhere else in the game I can do anything freely, however, once I get to the camp to get the quest "The Battle for Fort Hraggstad" the game crashes after a certain amount of time, if I discover a new cave or anything else, and when I open the map. Does anyone know what might be the issue? 05:42, 1 April 2012 (UTC)

Your disk could be scratched?I know what you're going through.It can be frustrating when you've done something important and you haven't saved for a while,and then while you march off to find something else to do,your whole game crashes.My advice is to wash your disk off.If you have bought your copy of Skyrim from Steam,then just keep trying and eventually you should be able to advance through this quest.You co

uld also try using the console command "setstage."Or you could get a patch.Though console commands and patches are only avaliable on the PC,so if you are on the Xbox 360 or the PS3,the only thing that might work is washing the disk.I hope this helps.You should probably ask a more experienced player such as Rpeh or Minor Edits,they might know another way around your problem.Thank you for your time!--Skyrimplayer 20:43, 16 July 2012 (UTC)