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Archive 1: Mar 2012 - Aug 2013

Proposal to revamp the page: Opinions needed[edit]

This page needs lots of cleanup. I have remade the page in two different sandboxes. This example is a slightly altered version of the current page, which removes a little unnecessary info and removes leveled NPC lists (since those are listed on the appropriate NPC pages). It could use a bit more cleanup, but I'm focusing on the other sandbox for the moment.

I would like for this to be the new page. Here is a list of changes I have made from the current page to that one, aside from grammar tweaks:

  • No NPC data, as that belongs on NPC pages. NPC data is the following:
    • Leveled lists ("level 36 vampire is named [...]")
    • Attacks
    • Spells
    • Weaknesses
    • Armor and weapons
    • Perks
    • Other such specific info that exists on NPC pages already
  • Notes and bugs shared with all other Reanimate spells have been removed; they affect all such spells, not just Dead Thrall.
  • Removed Northwatch Keep. Nothing makes it special; forts, camps, Forsworn camps, and vampire dens can all have large amounts of NPCs.
  • Removed specific mention of vampires and Forsworn, since they're generic just like bandits.
  • Removed some point-of-view things. This wiki is not for a playstyle guide; it is for information. The new format displays the information by saying "you can do this or that; see the NPC page for more details on that type of NPC".
  • The names of permanent corpses have been replaced by a category link. Any permanent corpses not already in that category may be added by adding the page to the category.
  • Removed a few repetitive things.
    • Length of spell is in the infobox, it's already mentioned in the first section that the thralls won't turn to ash, etc.
  • Removed some bugs that aren't bugs.

If nobody comments on this, I'll replace the page in a week. As I said, I would much prefer the second version I'm showing, as it removes all that unnecessary clutter to make a clean little page. I'm asking for input because it would be trimmed down quite a lot, and I want to make sure I don't remove anything I shouldn't. Vely►t►e 22:09, 26 March 2013 (GMT)

I like the new version better, although I'd keep the names of unique NPCs with special abilites, especially Orchendor; not everyone might remember that a barely stronger than average boss in a completely optional quest can teleport, or they could think it's just a scripted event. If we tream it down, Ulfric, Malkoran and Orchendor are the only three with useful abilities, and even then Malkoran's Shade is potentially dangerous since it's hostile to the player. Oh, and making a clear mention of the fact that unique NPCs keep leveling after death, too. Some people might come here wondering why they can't raise their favorite thrall anymore, and "some are leveled and some are not" is not really helpful.
Also, I know that Necromage applies to all Reanimate spells, but I think it's important to mention it, given that there are level 42 and 48 vampires. And I didn't see the note regarding thrall equipment before but it needs to be changed from "died in" to "spawned in". I did a lot of tests, basically giving a follower an armor and jewels and then killing them, and they always went back to their standart equipment when changing zone. This is very important in choosing a thrall because many followers don't wear armor, or one not corresponding to their skillset and you can't do anyhting about it.
Otherwise, it's good for me. Removing all that stuff about perks and locations and whatever really makes the place cleaner. Elakyn (talk) 09:39, 27 March 2013 (GMT)
I've made a few tweaks to the box. Not sure about wording, but if you have better wording, go ahead and change it. Vely►t►e 18:04, 27 March 2013 (GMT)
I liked it a lot better before, it was far more informative and useful. I especially liked the mini-table regarding bandits and forsworn. Fortunately, I copied and printed it before the changes. Also, other wikis have more informative pages, so I was able to learn a lot more about the spell and how to use it. Secret Jedi (talk) 19:02, 12 April 2013 (GMT)
I've made a few tweaks to the page, but nothing incredible. Honestly, while the page is now more UESP-worthy, I gotta say we got rid of a lot of interesting stuff. It's true that the site's purpose in information and not holding the player's hand, but this spell is completely unique in TES and I think people could benefit from a few tips on how to choose a good thrall - it's the entire point of the spell, after all. The previous version was cluttered with useless stuff, but some of it was important and the few things we kept (improving armor, watching level cap, etc..) is thrown in the middle of a paragraph. Or would it be better to make a Hint page for this? -- Elakyn (talk) 09:28, 13 April 2013 (GMT)
Secret Jedi, the NPC tables should be on the respective NPC pages.
Elakyn, if you'd like to sort out the info a bit more, be my guest! It doesn't need to be in a paragraph. As for the tips on how to select a good thrall, I'm not sure how much is needed. Other than unique NPCs, what's important? Spell/perk info is on the NPC pages and doesn't need repeating here, but that's all I can see. Vely►t►e 16:08, 13 April 2013 (GMT)
Those who look for this page are seeking a list of good candidates to choose from, not how to use or achieve this spell. Searching candidates in the generic NPCs page it's unpractical. Now, I know that you want to be better than elderscrolls.wikia, and you usually do, but in this particular case you are behind.--Damx (talk) 18:50, 5 May 2013 (GMT)

Dead Thrall no longer 'dead'[edit]

Alright, so I used the Dead Thrall spell on a Master Necromancer, but after fast traveling, he disappeared on me, yet the spell remained active. I checked, and saw thralls fast traveled like horses. Alright, but after he finally caught up, he no longer had the reanimated appearance, he was normal. I tested it, and he still 'died' after summoning two more summons, so he was still being treated as such. But while doing Telrav's Request, my character died. However, as the screen shows your dead body for a bit, I noticed my thralled necromancer was still fighting. I tried it again, this time merely standing around while they attacked me, and he is indeed still fighting while my character is dead. I'm on PC. Lord Irvine (talk) 20:31, 16 March 2014 (GMT)

Also, the voice is back to normal, no longer the groaning and simplistic speech. Lord Irvine (talk) 20:42, 16 March 2014 (GMT)

Meridia's Shrine[edit]

How is it a bug that thralls disappear there? It is Merida's will that the undead be vanquished. If the player is foolish enough to summon them, so be it. 22:12, 6 April 2015 (GMT)

Active Magical Effects[edit]

Xbox 360

In the Magic, Active Magical Effects listing, it says that I still have a Dead Thrall after having twin souls two of them--man and woman. The man stayed with me, but the woman has been lost for several days. I am on Xbox 360 so cannot use the console commands for anything. I had given them both dragon bone war ax and other useful equipment that they had been using during battles.

An internet Q & A or blog or forum has a questioner asking how to find missing / lost thralls, but no suitable answer was provided other than a link to a FAQ file or whatnot that must lack the requisite keywords, otherwise it would have come up in the search results too.

No answer is provided here either. I have kept playing and not summoning other creatures, etc, beyond replacing my now dead male thrall temporarily with a 120 second such creature. The Active Magical Effects listing still has it that the thrall "lives."

I have been all over the place since her disappearance so cannot recall where I summoned them, nor what caves, etc, I have visited in case they are trapped within one of them. 03:10, 15 January 2018 (UTC)

Two of the bugs listed my give you a solution. If possible or needed, delete Dawnguard data then cast a cloak spell. Otherwise try using Vampire Lord/Werewolf transformation if available. A note on the reanimate page also notes arrest as a solution to removing the active effect. Obviously try the Dawnguard one as a last resort as everything Dawnguard related will be reset. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 22:29, 15 January 2018 (UTC)

Corpse Storage[edit]

Which location should be safer for storing corpses to use as Dead Thralls: Windstad Manor or Ustengrav? And by "safer", I mean less likely for the corpses to despawn or be relocated. 01:19, 22 February 2019 (UTC)

A Couple of Minor Notes or Bugs[edit]

I've been experimenting with Dead Thralls and noticed a couple of things. If you guys think they are worth noting, I will add them to the article.

First, it appears that after an NPC has been a Dead Thrall for a while, he is likely to stop the moaning and groaning and revert to his typical dialogue from when he was alive. Based on what I've read here, others have also experienced this, but whether a Dead Thrall stops moaning may depend upon the NPC being used. Ancano stopped, but The Caller never did.

Second, I put a Torch in the inventory of the Dremora Markynaz I was using as a Dead Thrall. He equipped it and held it up whenever it was dark and there were no enemies nearby, just like a regular follower. However, the torch was invisible, and I don't think it gave off any light.Valeria (talk) 18:45, 5 March 2019 (UTC)