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No persuasion[edit]

Hofgrir Horse-Crusher cannot be persuaded. I tried with my default 72 with elixir at 122-- nothing. For a laugh I consoled it for 200, 500, 5000, and 5000000-- still nothing. Can anyone confirm if this applies only to Hofgrir? or the person with the last mark you need. 02:57, 3 January 2012 (UTC)

Update: Looks like you can intimidate him though quite easy. You can also brawl him as stated on his wiki page but that in no way affects the outcome of the quest dialog. BTW, he goes down real easy ;) 03:02, 3 January 2012 (UTC)
Maybe it's not a bug at all. Maybe they intended it to be that you can't persuade him, in order to make things a little more varied. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 11:42 on 15 January 2012
I had the same problem on the PS3 with a speech skill level of 63 (+ Potion and Amulet of Dibella and Blessing of Dibella.) I turned the PS3 off and on again and then I loaded an old game save, started the quest again and tried to persuade Hofgrir first this time, but it still didn't work. I was still able to persuade Indaryn and Bolli. Other players didn't have that issue so I do think it is a bug and not intended to be like that! Very annoying for people who don't want to pickpocket. --Buttonhat (talk) 17:20, 9 August 2013 (GMT)
For now, I've confirmed the bug in the bugs section, and also added a {{Verification needed}} tag to the place in the detailed walkthrough which says that he can be persuaded. Hopefully we can get some more input from others on this to see whether this issue always occurs, what causes it, and why it may happen for some and not others. — ABCface 18:08, 9 August 2013 (GMT)
Definitely a bug. The persuade check is flagged to check Hogrir's speech level rather than the player's. Found this in TES5Edit and verified in-game. With player's speech at 100 and Hofgrir's speech at 20, persuade check fails. When Hofgrir's speech is set to 25 it succeeds. I have clarified this in the bugs section. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 10:58 on 3 November 2013 (GMT)

() My own check seems to show the same. --AKB Talk Cont Mail 10:58, 3 November 2013 (GMT)

Slut Shaming[edit]

Should it perhaps be added to the article that this is Skyrim's version of slut shaming? Many quest-related articles sometimes discuss real-world equivalents to the activities within the game, and I was rather surprised that this one had absolutely no comment on the story of this quest. Just a random thought. Voraxith 20:16, 10 June 2012 (UTC)

Some people might not think it is appropriate, which is strange as it is perfectly ok to talk about and show people being decapitated or burned to death by a fireball. Although if others don't have any problem it could be added although I don't really think it is a worthwhile note. RIM 20:20, 10 June 2012 (UTC)


  • I received a Scroll of Fire storm from Halega and a piece of armor from Svana as a reward. I've only done this quest once, so I do not know whether you always get that scroll or whether it's random.--Anil 14:15, 6 July 2012 (UTC)

Quest not available[edit]

Talking to Svana, I only get the option to ask her "Do you work here?" I wanted to give her one of Mara's pamphlets, but that option wasn't available either. Asking her if she works there just lets her complain about slavery, and returns to the one speech option. I suspect this might be because Hofgrir got killed in a dragon attack a while back. I didn't think to loot his body at the time, and of course it's not there now. I can't really check further as I no longer have a save with Hofgrir alive. Peterguard (talk) 22:45, 20 April 2013 (GMT)

I ran into the same problem. I could still complete the quest using the console command "Resetquest freeformRiften11" in order to get the conversation topics. Then after getting the other 2 marks, I entered "Setstage freeformRiften11 40" to complete Hofgrir's mark. The rest of the quest completed normally. I should note that I *did* loot his body so I already had the third mark, but I don't think it matters if they're in your inventory or not.-- 06:13, 9 June 2013 (GMT)