Skyrim:Yisra's Necklace

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Unique Item: Yisra's Necklace (000d4ff7)
Type Amulet
Editor ID POIMageYisrasNecklace
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 50
Yisra's Necklace

Yisra's Necklace is an amulet found on the charred corpse of its eponymous owner, a former College of Winterhold apprentice. Her body can be found in a circle of scorched earth east of Dawnstar, along the shore immediately south of Yngvild. In appearance, the necklace is identical to a silver necklace, though it is worth ten less gold. It does not possess an enchantment.


  • This necklace was meant to play a part in an unfinished quest for the College of Winterhold, entitled The Missing Apprentices. In it, Phinis Gestor would have tasked you with finding four missing apprentices and bringing back an identifying item to prove their fate. If you brought him Yisra's necklace, he would have said "Gods, this is hers, isn't it? She will certainly be missed." However, while Gestor will talk about the apprentices and their corpses and items appear, bringing the items to him has no effect.