Skyrim:Shalidor's Insights (book)

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Book Information
ID 000F6275
See Also Lore version
Value 5 Weight 1
Needed for Shalidor's Insights
It appears that more was planned for the related quest, as there are 8 different versions of the book, all identical, for no apparent reason. The full list is: 000F6275, 000F6276, 000F6277, 000F6278, 000C1E77, 000C1E78, 000C1E79, 000C1E7A
Shalidor's Insights
A disquisition on the origin and nature of Dragons

Note: The first paragraph is the Alduin entry found in Varieties of Faith in the Empire. A deciphered version of the second paragraph, written in the "Mage Font", can be found at The Imperial Library. The third paragraph is almost three full sentences from the "Old Knocker" song of the Five Songs of King Wulfharth. The obscured fourth paragraph says, "Dragons have existed since the beginning of Time, as some kind of kindred spirits to (crossed out text) -- ???? & lesser relation to him or his children or part of him that split off when Time began or ---. In the beginning, dragons were wild and uncivilized, like everything else. Alduin was the creator of dragon civilization - the Firstborn and the". The subsequent paragraphs remain indecipherable at this time.