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Aduri Sarethi
(RefID: 00019E12)
Location The Rift
House Sarethi Farm
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 6 Class Farmer
RefID 00019E12 BaseID 00019BFF
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Alchemy, Destruction
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Faction(s) CrimeFactionRift; JobFarmerFaction; Sarethi Farm Faction; Sarethi Farm House Faction
Aduri Sarethi

Aduri Sarethi is a Dunmer farmer, living and working with her sister Avrusa Sarethi at Sarethi Farm. She is quite bored of the farm life, and wishes she could live in one of the capital cities, or return to Mournhold and take up painting.

Aduri wears a set of farm clothes with a pair of boots, and carries a belted tunic. She is equipped with a leveled dagger, which can be up to elven quality at level 20. She also carries a selection of common items and gold.

She will begin her day by getting out of bed at 6am to have breakfast. After eating, she will begin her chores around the farm at 7am. Once she finishes her farm work at noon, she will begin jogging around the farm until her dinner at 6pm. After taking an hour to eat, she will go back to her patrolling until she retires to her bed for the day at midnight.

Attempting to speak to Aduri will have her tell you about her dream to leave the farm, her aspirations to become a painter, and her wish to return to her home in Mournhold or to one of the capital cities. "This place is boring. Nothing but the same thing every day. Sigh.", "I wish I could head to one of the capital cities... maybe even back to Mournhold. Anywhere but here.", "One day I hope to become a painter, but at this rate it looks like it's never going to happen.", "Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to set what you see on a canvas so you'd have that memory forever?", and "My sister keeps telling me that the farm keeps us alive, but I don't really call this living."

Aduri and her sister will often get into arguments. Specifically, they will get into one over her not performing her chores:

Avrusa: "Aduri, how come the fields haven't been tilled like I asked?"
Aduri: "Because it's boring. The fields are going to do fine... you don't have to dote over them so much."
Avrusa: "Boring? That food is paying for everything. If we lose even a single crop, we could starve or be forced to beg. I won't have it!"
Aduri: "All right, I understand. I'll do it tomorrow, okay? Just get off my back."

They may also argue over Aduri's wish to leave the farm:

Aduri: "Have you decided if I can head up to Solitude yet? I hear it's the best place to meet someone who may be willing to teach me to paint."
Avrusa: "I'm sorry, Aduri, not this year. Perhaps next year after the harvest, I don't know. There's so much to do."
Aduri: "It's not going to be next year, nor the year after that! You just care about this farm more than you care about me!"
Avrusa: "Painting won't put food on the table, but our crops will. Be patient Aduri... it will happen someday, I promise."

They will also converse about the crimson nirnroot after completing A Return To Your Roots:

Aduri: "Where did all these pretty red plants come from?"
Avrusa: "Remember Uncle Sinderion? These are the plants he was searching for... the Crimson Nirnroot."
Aduri: "They're beautiful. I can see why he wanted to find them."
Avrusa: "One day, these beautiful plants will make us famous and we can finally move off of this farm... thanks to Sinderion."

You can ask her sister if Aduri causes a lot of trouble, to which she responds: "Aduri is what some would call a free spirit, but around here there is a tremendous amount of work to be done, not to mention dangers that she is not ready to face."


  • A script note for Aduri and Avrusa's conversation on if she can move to the city to become a painter suggests that Avrusa was originally her mother in development, and not her sister.