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(RefID: 000120EF)
Location Cylarne
Race Golden Saint Gender Male
Level PC+2 (min=3) Class Golden Saint
RefID 000120EF BaseID 000120ED
Other Information
Health 45 + (6+1.8)x(PC+1), PC=3-23
Magicka 75 + 1.5x(PC+1) (max=250)
Respons. 100 Aggress. 10
Faction(s) Aureal; Aureal
Mirel at Cylarne

Mirel is a Golden Saint Auren and second-in-command of the Aureal troops in Cylarne. He and his scouts have discovered how weak the Underdeep is but the commander, Aurmazl Kaneh, has decided not to take Mirel's advice. During the related quest, it is up to you to either support Mirel or Kaneh.

He is enabled at the beginning of the related quest and will then be disabled once it is complete. Before you enter the Saint-controlled part of Cylarne, he will be seen patrolling the area, always keeping an eye out for the Mazken. Once you arrive, he and Kaneh will engage in a conversation and Mirel will desperately try to plead his case:

"My scouts reported no signs of the Mazken in the Underdeep. It's our best chance to take them unawares."
"With all due respect, Aurmazl, I ask that you reconsider. The main passage is strongly defended. Perhaps if you'd allow me to scout further..."

After Kaneh has given her final and negative answer, he will loiter about, waiting for you to come close. Once you do, he will welcome you warmly: "Greetings, stranger. Are you here to help us drive the Mazken out of Cylarne?" Once you ask him about the Underdeep, he will expand: "My scouts recently discovered another way through the ruins to the Altar of Despair. The Aurmazl Kaneh wants to assault the altar down the main passage, but the Mazken are expecting us to come that way. They've strongly fortified the main passage against us. If we attacked through the Underdeep, we could take them by surprise. If only Kaneh would listen to me. An attack down the main passage will end the same as it always does -- a glorious defeat." and "She thinks the Underdeep is a trap. It's true, if the Mazken knew we were coming that way, we wouldn't stand a chance. But I'm convinced the Mazken don't expect us to come that way. If we attacked in full force, we could take the Altar of Despair before they had a chance to react. If only I could make Kaneh see that."

If you decide to scout the Underdeep yourself, and then report back to him he will be overjoyed: "I knew it! You should tell Kaneh what you saw. Maybe you can convince her to change her attack plan." Whichever paths you decide the Saints should take, once you give the orders he will follow them to the letter and attack by whichever route you indicated. If the Saints succeed in taking the Altar of Despair, he will help form a defensive perimeter around it. Once the battle is won, he will kneel down in front of it until Kaneh sacrifices herself. After this, he will be found wandering around the newly-conquered altar. If you decided to aid the Mazken, he will be slain by his foes in the depths of Cylarne.

He wears a full suit of Golden Saint armor and a Golden Saint helmet, both of the best possible quality for your level. In combat he relies on a Golden Saint weapon (best possible quality for your level), a leveled Golden Saint Bow and 1 leveled Golden Saint Arrow. He also carries a leveled-dependent amount of Golden Saint arrows (best possible quality for your level). His only other possession is the key to Cylarne. In addition, he will also be able to cast a set of standard Golden Saint spells.

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