Shivering:Horkvir Bear-Arm's House (Mania)

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Horkvir Bear-Arm's House
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Horkvir Bear-Arm's House

Horkvir Bear-Arm's House is a small home in the northern district of Split. It is across the just next door to Jastira Nanus' House. It is the sole residence of Horkvir Bear-Arm and contains only one zone: Horkvir Bear-Arm's House.

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Horkvir Bear-Arm

Horkvir Bear-Arm's House[edit]

Among the many pieces of clutter and random, cheap clothing that you may find in some containers in his house, a sweetroll can be found on a chair, along with a copy of the books Manual of Armor and Beggar Prince. Also, on top of one of the barrels in the ground floor, three bottles of Fellmoor Swamp Wine have been placed. On one of the chests below the stairs, two potions of Detect Life can be found and near a statuette of Sheogorath, four lettuces have been placed. The drawers on the second floor have a chance of contain six pieces of Mania clothing and of top of them a scroll of Cure Disease and another bottle of Fellmoor Swamp Wine can also be found. Lastly, the chest in front of his bed has a chance of spawn a few pieces of low-level armor and weapons.