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Home City Rimmen
Location Baandari Bazaar
Store Iron Fang Armory
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Weaponsmith

Zarbidan is a Khajiit weaponsmith who runs Iron Fang Armory at the Baandari Bazaar in Rimmen. He is very enthusiastic about selling weapons, and insists that his wares are worthy of your gold.


"You have not wielded weapons like those of Khajiiti make. Swift movements, precise strokes! All can be yours, provided you have the gold to pay."
"Your weapon must be an extension of your arm, walker. Quickly you strike, before the enemy has a chance to know you are there! That is the Khajiiti way."
"You wish to fight against the Khajiit, no? Then you must best their natural abilities! My weapons will give you the precision and quickness needed to win."