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Yokeda Kai
Location Hel Ra Citadel
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health Normal6134864Veteran23286192 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Anka-Ra
Condition Undead
Yokeda Kai

The Yokeda Kai is an Anka-Ra mage defending Hel Ra Citadel against intruders. He is one of two possible second bosses that the team will face in the trial, the other being Yokeda Rok'dun, as the team splits into two teams of six after the first boss. He must be defeated to progress further.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Being a boss type enemy, Yokeda Kai is immune to all forms of crowd control effects.

A basic ranged attack that does moderate flame damage.
The boss drops a meteor on top of a target player as indicated by a red circle, dealing high flame damage and stunning the target. Blocking can help the player survive this attack.
Scorched Ground
The meteor leaves behind a pool of fire that does moderate flame damage over time as indicated by a small red circle.
The boss releases flame around itself as indicated by a red circle. This attack does high flame damage and must be blocked or shielded through at all costs.
The boss channels flame above itself that deals moderate flame damage to all players over time, increasing over time. This attack will stagger nearby players briefly and must be interrupted quickly.
Summon Clones
The boss moves to the center of the room and summons three copies of himself at four fixed locations in the room. These clones will be invulnerable while the original boss can still be damaged. These clones must be killed quickly to simplify the fight. When the clones cast Inferno, interrupting them will kill them immediately. If the interrupt is missed, they will disappear after some time by themselves.
Wrath of Yokeda
If the group fighting Yokeda Rok'dun down below is defeated, flares of bright light not unlike those produced during The Warrior's Shehai Storm will rain down from the sky, causing the group fighting Yokeda Kai to wipe.