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Home City Mournhold
Location Narsis
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Beggar

Xand is a Dunmer beggar who can be found in Mournhold, listening to Ophalia Strong-Voice in the guild plaza. She is standing beside Dreska Delenu and Velas the Weaver, whom she shares a dialogue pool with.


"Cliff Racer! Play Cliff Racer!"
"Another song, Strong-Voice! Another song!"
"Ophalia! Do you know Dark Elf in a Red Dress?"
"Play something Nordish!"
"Sing it, Nord! Sing it!"
"Who knew a Nord could have such talent?"
"She plays with such energy."
"Her voice is amazing."
"She's pretty easy to look at, too."