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Vilasti Arovyn
Home City Brass Fortress
Location The Cloisters
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Vilasti Arovyn

Vilasti Arovyn is a haughty Dunmer Apostle found on the top floor of the Cloisters with her brother, Saelin, and Hears-the-Winding.


As you approach, you'll hear any of the following conversations between Saelin Arovyn, Vilasti, and Hears-the-Winding.:

Saelin Arovyn : "Can I borrow your notes on yesterday's lesson? I'd like to … conduct a comparison."
Vilasti Arovyn : "You're cranked if you think I'll do that, given you slept all through the lesson."
Saelin Arovyn : "I wasn't sleeping! Simply meditating on the possibilities of-of …."
Hears-the-Winding : "The implications of thermal reactions of geodic distillate in high-pressure conditions."
Saelin Arovyn : "Yes, that! Exactly!"
Vilasti Arovyn : "The harvest this year is delicious as always!"
Saelin Arovyn : "Quite the welcome change from our daily gruel."
Hears-the-Winding : "I have heard whispers though …."
Vilasti Arovyn : "We've all heard the whispers, Winding. Best to be grateful and leave the rest to Lord Seht.
Hears-the-Winding : "Yes, of course. I apologize."

Speaking to her directly:

"Why don't you head down to Slag Town? I'm sure the tarnished would accept you into their ranks. They'll take anyone."
"What could you possibly wish to speak of? I assure you, I have nothing worth talking about. Well, nothing that you would understand, in any case."
"You'd best not give me some strange disease, auxiliary. Who knows what parts of Tamriel you've been rolling around in."
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