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Home City Rimmen
Location Rimmen Stables
Race Senche-raht Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Tsazura is a Senche-raht who can be found in Rimmen, at the Rimmen Stables.


"You're new, yes?
Here's some advice. Don't ask a Senche-raht for permission to ride bareback. It is weirder for us than it is for you."
"A Dagi made fun of Tsazura once. Joked about this one's lack of opposable thumbs. So Tsazura bit his hands off.
What's funnier than a Senche-raht with no thumbs? A Dagi with no hands. Right?"
"Don't call us mounts. Nobody mounts a Senche-raht. Riders shut up and follow where we lead, or they land whiskers-first in the mud. If you want a mount, go buy a dumb animal."