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Treethane Dailithil
Home Settlement Tanglehaven
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Treethane Dailithil

Treethane Dailithil is a Bosmer who can be found in Tanglehaven. You'll find her at the foot of steps near the center of the village.

She's upset not only about the destruction of the village, but the disappearance of her daughter, Firwin.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Dialogue[edit]

"We've seen more than our fair share of sorrow. It's my job to comfort everyone who lost sons and daughters to this madness, even when my own daughter is gone as well."
"I trust you're not here to add to our troubles?"
What happened here?
"The Drublog have been raiding villages all over. We survived, but just barely."
"All I can offer my people is a place to mourn. But their children's bodies are still out there, being scavenged by Drublog … and worse."
Is your village defenseless?
"Some of our militia was out training when the attack came. When they returned … I tried to stop them, but they left for the Drublog camp. For vengeance!"
"But they've been gone too long, and my daughter Firwin left with them. I can't lose her, too."
Stay here. I'll bring them back.
"My daughter doesn't deserve this fate!"
Have the Drublog attacked your village before?
"Not in recent memory. Tanglehaven's not a large village by any reckoning, and the Drublog know we've very little worth taking."
"They attacked without warning, and left as quickly as they came."
What did they take?
"They burnt the village, but did they actually take anything?"
"Just lives. Nothing but lives."