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Home City Rimmen
Location Baandari Bazaar
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Noble

Thodothor is a Bosmer noble found sitting on a ledge above the washing pools at the Baandari Bazaar. He is sitting next to Munili.


"Rimmen has a colorful air about it, wouldn't you say? Though I suppose that has more to do with the Khajiit who live here than with anything else.
It makes Grahtwood seem downright dull in comparison, I'll tell you that."
"Have you been to the Sugar Bowl? I simply can't recommend it enough. The food is delicious and the entertainment doubly so.
I'd recommend speaking to Zadazi if you're up for a night you won't soon forget"
"I still remember my first taste of moon-sugar. Never had I experienced something so simply divine, so sweetly seductive.
It's a small wonder that the Khajiit worship the stuff."