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This article is about the quest in Rivenspire. For the quest in Stonefalls, see Wayward Son.

Convince a young man to enlist in Shornhelm Guard.
Zone: Rivenspire
Objective: Hoarfrost Downs — Help Captain Thayer enlist recruits for the Shornhelm Guard.
Quest Giver: Captain Thayer
Location(s): Hoarfrost Downs
Next Quest: The Bandit
Reward: Shornhelm Guard Armet
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Martin Dathieu is held in the stocks
Captain Thayer is having a difficult time recruiting new soldiers for the Shornhelm Guard. She asked me to help convince a man in the stocks to enlist.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Captain Thayer.
  2. Talk to Martin Dathieu.
  3. Talk to Deputy Ascenge.
  4. Talk to Olivier Serene.
  5. Talk to Aubrey Dathieu inside the Dusklight Inn.
  6. Talk to Serine Dathieu on the second floor of the inn.
  7. Return to Martin

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you arrive at Hoarfrost Downs you will see General Tibbin threatening Captain Thayer with resignation. Speak with Captain Thayer and you will learn that she is having difficulty enlisting people into the Shornhelm Guard. Offer to help and she will ask you to convince Martin Dathieu to enlist in exchange for his release.

Speak with Martin Dathieu who is locked up in the stocks just in front of where the Captain is standing. He claims he has been wrongfully accused of robbery and is waiting for his friend to back up his alibi. When you ask him to join the Shornhelm Guard he will refuse mentioning he has a family to support.

You will now have the option to speak with four people to help convince Martin to enlist but only need to speak to one to complete the quest.

Start with Deputy Ascenge who is standing directly in front. The deputy claims he has enough evidence against Martin and suspects his friend Olivier Serene helped him in the robbery. Next speak with Olivier who is standing by the stable behind the tent where you spoke with the Captain. He will admit that he was part of the robbery but will not vouch for him. If you have the Intimidating Presence passive you can threaten Olivier with the same punishment as his friend, he will then offer to return the stolen items.

Next head inside the Dusklight Inn and speak with Martin's younger sister Aubrey Dathieu. If you have the Persuasive Will passive you will learn that his sister is in favor of him enlisting due to financial difficulties within the family. Lastly speak with Martin's mother Serine Dathieu who is on the second floor of the inn. Serine will explain that Martin's father was a trusted general of King Ranser and died a dishonorable death at Traitor's Tor. If you completed the quest A Traitor's Tale prior to this one you will have additional dialogue. Serine is only against her son enlisting for the wrong reasons and wants him to know of his father's true heroic legacy before joining.

Return to Martin and select one of the options then speak with the Captain again to complete the quest.


  • If you start this quest prior to completing the quest A Traitor's Tale you will see the option to "Learn the Truth of Traitor's Tor" but not marked on the map. Simply do the quest A Traitor's Tale to complete this optional task.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Wayward Son
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak to Martin Dathieu to find out why he doesn't want to enlist in the guard. Perhaps I can discover clues that might help me convince him to join up.
Objective: Talk to Martin Dathieu
I should speak to some of the people around town to learn more about the case against Martin and his relationshop with his family. Then I should return to Martin and try to convince him to enlist.
Objective: Convince Martin to Enlist
Objective Hint: Talk to Martin's Mother
Objective Hint: Learn the Truth of Traitor's Tor
Objective Hint: Talk to Deputy Ascenge
Objective Hint: Talk to Olivier Serene
Objective Hint: Talk to Martin's Sister
☑Finishes quest I convinced Martin to enlist. I should speak to Captain Thayer and let her know.
Objective: Talk to Captain Thayer
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