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Help a deserting soldier escape his captors.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Tal'Deic Fortress — Discover the secret of Tal'Deic Fortress.
Quest Giver: Saryvn
Location(s): Tal'Deic Crypts
Reward: Redoran Bludgeoner
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
I encountered a captive Dark Elf soldier named Saryvn in the ruins beneath Tal'Deic Fortress. He was captured by the Maulborn while he was avoiding his duties.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find the key to Saryvn's cage.
  2. Find the Daedric book.
  3. Return to Saryvn.
  4. Talk to Sergeant Maril.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

While walking through the Tal'Deic Crypts, you'll hear someone call out to you.

Saryvn: "Hey! Over here! Help me!"

Sarvyn is locked in a cage in the southwest corner of the room. You can talk to him to find out that he was captured by the Maulborn while he was slacking off, but he did find out they had some material which could be of use to his superiors. He asks you to find the key to his cell and the Daedric tome carried by the one of the cultists.

Follow the path along, making a left at the first opportunity, to end up in a room with a desk. The tome you're looking for is on the desk guarded by a few Maulborn cultists. The key will be a drop from any one of the Maulborn you encounter along the way, so you're likely to get it soon after you enter the tunnels.

Return to Sarvyn with the key and tome to let him out of his cell. He asks you to cover for him and lie to his commander, or you can deliver the book yourself. Either way, talk to Sergeant Maril in front of the mess tent at the main camp to receive your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Soldier's Alibi
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Sarvyn asked me to find the key to his cage and an ancient Daedric tome. One of the Maulborn probably has the key, and he saw them carry the book into the lower tunnels.
Objective: Retrieve Daedric Tome
Objective: Find the Cage Key
I have the key and the book. I need to speak to Sarvyn back at his cage and decide what to do about his indiscretion.
Objective: Talk to Sarvyn
Hidden Objective: Agree
Hidden Objective: Disagree
☑Finishes quest Saryvn has been freed and I agreed to cover for him. I should speak to his superior, Sergeant Maril.
Objective: Talk to Sergeant Maril
(If you chose to lie for him)
☑Finishes quest Saryvn has been freed, but I refused to lie for him. I should speak to his superior, Sergeant Maril.
Objective: Talk to Sergeant Maril
(If you refused to lie for him)
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