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Recover the sacred relics of Silent Mire.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Silent Mire — Help the Argonian village of Silent Mire.
Quest Giver: Hooks-Fish at the Tal'Deic Grounds crossroads <or>
Vara-Zeen outside Silent Mire
Location(s): Silent Mire
Next Quest: The Saving of Silent Mire
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 3620
The camp where the Hist Branch can be found
I encountered an Argonian named Hooks-Fish at a crossroad in southeastern Deshaan. He said Khajiiti pirates are raiding his village, Silent Mire. I've offered to investigate. [if taken from Tal'Deic]
I encountered Vara-Zeen, the leader of the Argonian village of Silent Mire. The settlement is under attack by Khajiiti pirates and I have offered my assistance. [if taken from Silent Mire]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Vara-Zeen.
  2. Find Leel-Vata.
  3. Recover the stones and the branch.
  4. Return to Leel-Vata.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can start this quest by speaking with Vara-Zeen outside Silent Mire, or by speaking with Hooks-Fish near Tal'Deic Fortress. What is the dialogue for Hooks-Fish?

"There is no hospitality here, stranger. Our village was attacked!"
Who attacked you?
"Khajiiti pirates! They're raiding our village—taking slaves and supplies. We couldn't stop them. They're merciless. Just a few of us made it to the gate.
It's not safe for my people here, but I won't leave without Leel-Vata."
Who is Leel-Vata?
"My mate and our spiritual leader. She was in the village when the pirates attacked.
I'm just an old saltrice farmer, outsider. I beg you! Find her and bring her back."
I'll find Leel-Vata.

Enter the village of Silent Mire, and find Leel-Vata in a house on the right. You will have to fight through Renrijra Maor when you are in Silent Mire. As you enter the hut, you see a shadow of Seeks-the-Night speaking to Leel-Vata.

"You are to blame for all this. You and your foolish mate."
"You will all pay for your disrespect! I will have my revenge!"

Speak to Leel-Vata inside the hut.

"Why, egg-brother? Why couldn't you be content to stay with us in this warm, fertile place?"
Who were you talking to?
"Oh, my head … I thought you were my egg-brother, Seeks-the-Night.
He led them to us. He hated that my mate was the village elder. He even gave the invaders our sacred relics. Such treachery in our own clutch!"
Perhaps I can help.
"You are not Saxhleel. Why would you help us? Still, I should not refuse such an offer.
The Khajiit stole our sacred stones and their sorceress took our Hist branch. We brought it all the way back from Black Marsh when we settled here."
I'll find your lost relics.

You must now find 6 Sacred Stones and the Hist Branch. The Sacred Stones can be found by killing Renrijra Maor in the area, but the Hist Branch must be found in a chest at one of their camps. Head to this camp near the eastern coast of the village, and you will find Sorceress Marra'var. You must defeat her in order to open the chest and get the Hist Branch. Kill her, and then open the nearby strongbox and take the Hist Branch. Once you've found the stones and branch, head to the north of the village and talk to Leel-Vata.

"Have you found our stones? And the branch?"
I recovered the relics.
"I'm glad my trust was well placed. To lose the Hist branch, that would have been too much tragedy for me.
Seeks-the-Night has caused me more than enough pain. How could he betray us to the pirate slavers? Is his heart really so full of hate?"

She will reward you with some leveled gold. You can now begin the next quest, The Saving of Silent Mire.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Ravaged Village
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to speak to Vara-Zeen, the elder of Silent Mire.
Objective: Talk to Vara-Zeen
Latest start Vara-Zeen is concerned for his mate, Leel-Vata, as she did not escape before the Khajiiti pirates attacked. I must find her in the village.
Objective: Talk to Leel-Vata
Leel-Vata was injured while attempting to protect the village's sacred relics. She asked me to retrieve the sacred stones from the Khajiiti pirates and the Hist branch from the sorceress in the tent along the shore.
Objective: Recover Sacred Stones
Objective: Recover the Hist Branch
Hidden Objective: Kill Marra'Var
☑Finishes quest I recovered the sacred stones and the Hist branch. I should find Leel-Vata by the large rocks north of the village and return them to her.
Objective: Talk to Leel-Vata