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Solve the mystery of the strange sapling.
Zone: Rivenspire
Quest Giver: Strange Sapling
Location(s): Cave of Sorrows
Reward: Eternal Tree Spliter
Average Leveled Gold
The bound tree spirit
I found a strange sapling that spoke to me, confused about its own ability to think and feel. It has vague memories of walking and a nearby cave. I agreed to help the sapling get some answers.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the Strange Sapling.
  2. Investigate the Cave of Sorrows.
  3. Go to the Shornhelm Mages Guild.
  4. Visit the nearby house.
  5. Return to the Cave of Sorrows.
  6. Return to the Strange Sapling.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Price of Longevity
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Search the Cave Near the Sapling
Objective: Talk to the Bound Tree Spirit
Objective: Go to the Mages Guild in Shornhelm
Objective: Search for Clues to Merethrin's Plans
Objective: Go to Merethrin's House
Objective: Collect the Elemental Dust
Objective: Return to Cave of Sorrows
Objective: Talk to the Tree Spirit
Objective: Destroy the Water Crystal
Objective: Destroy the Vitality Crystal
Objective: Destroy the Light Crystal
Objective: Return to the Sapling
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