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Recover an old Argonian's priceless keepsake.
Zone: Murkmire
Quest Giver: Hands-That-Heal
Location(s): Alten Meerhleel, Bright-Throat Village
Reward: Tribal Equipment Crate
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 6278
Hands-That-Heal has lost a wooden box with great sentimental value to him after being attacked by hackwings. He's offered a reward if I successfully return the box to him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Search the Hackwing nest for Hands-That-Heal's heirloom.
  2. Return to Hands-That-Heal and ask him about the hunting party.
  3. Find the Root-House hunters and appeal to them for the wooden box.
  4. Steal back Tem-Tei's bow from the Blackguards.
  5. Travel to Bright-Throat Village and return the box to Hands-That-Heal.
  6. Bury the Hist branch at the Bright-Throat Hist tree's roots and speak with Hands-That-Heal.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

While passing through Alten Meerhleel, you may come across an old Argonian by the name of Hands-That-Heal. Speak with him to begin this quest.

"Pardon me, traveler, but have you a moment?
I was recently attacked by a flock of hackwings, and lost a possession of grave importance as I fled. If you would but help me retrieve it, I would reward you most greatly."
What would I be looking for?
"A plain wooden box, the length of my forearm.
Last I saw, it was nestled in the beak of one of the hackwings that attacked me. I believe it may have brought the box back to its nest, just north-west of this dock. response"
So you want me to find it for you?
"I'd not ask this of you if it wasn't a matter of grave importance. The box contains a memento from my village that I simply cannot lose.
Will you help?"
All right, I'll go and collect this box from the hackwing nest.

Find the hackwing nest. When you arrive, the hackwings and the box are nowhere to be seen. However, you do manage to find a pendant and some arrows at the nest. Bring these back to Hands-That-Heal and assess how the two of you are going to approach the situation.

"I see you have returned empty handed. Were you unable to find the box I seek?"
No, but I found this pendant and some arrows.
"This pendant belongs to the Root-House People. It seems their hunting party arrived before you could.
Perhaps they took the box with them? Their campsite is just a ways north of here, if you don't mind helping me further."
I can go and check.
"Be cautious. Though the Root-House People may not be hostile, their greed runs deeper than the Hist's roots.
While my box holds nothing of value, they'll likely use your interest to their advantage."
It's probably best I know what's in the box.
"Oh, yes, of course. It's a large branch, burnt and withered. It, well … it belonged to my village's Hist Tree, you see.""
I see. I'll go and speak to the Root-House People.
"When your task is complete, meet me in the Bright-Throat Village.
It pains me to ask so much from you, but please know that the branch you seek holds great importance to me. I don't know what I would do if it was lost."

Confront the Root-House hunters at their camp. Speak with Tem-Tei about the box.

"What business have you with the Root-House People?"
Did you find a wooden box in a nearby hackwing's nest?
"Perhaps. It wouldn't be any business of yours if we did, would it?
Unless … hmm. You seem to be a warrior of some worth. We may be able to come into an arrangement of sorts, if this box means so much to you."
What sort of arrangement?
"We ran into some Blackguards on the way here. No casualties, but they did manage to nab my pack. Quite the embarrassment, truth be told.
Infiltrate their caravan and retrieve my hunting bow, and I'll give you the box."
All right, I'll get this hunting bow for you.

Head over to the Blackguard camp, slaughter the brigands, and take Tem-Tei's bow. Then return to her and give her the bow in exchange for the wooden box.

"So you've returned. Have you the hunting bow?"
Yes, I was able to collect your hunting bow.
"Very well, you have earned your prize.
Though the box was damaged by the hackwings, the branch within remains unscathed. I suspect a powerful magic protects it."
Powerful magic?
"Yes, it's most strange. Who would care so deeply for an old, burnt branch?"

With the priceless memento in hand, travel to Bright-Throat Village and find Hands-That-Heal, then give him the wooden box.

"Dare I hope your search was finally successful?"
Yes, I was able to recover the branch.
"Thank the Hist. I thought it lost forever.
I … I have a final favor to ask you, traveler. Would you be so kind as to bury the branch, right at the base of the Hist roots before us?"
Why do you want to bury it?
"I've carried this branch for many years. It was the only piece of my old home that I had left. No family, no friends. Just a reminder of what once was.
But now I have a new village, a new home. The time has come to put the past to rest."
All right. I'll bury the branch at the roots of the Hist.

Do as Hands-That-Heal asked and bury the branch beneath the roots of the Bright-Throat Hist tree. Then speak with Hands-That-Heal and end the quest- and his wandering.

"By your hands, my traveling has come to an end.
Thank you. A foolish thought, perhaps, but I feel … I feel as though a piece of my tribe is now a part of this village."
Of course. After all, aren't you a part of this village now?
"I suppose you're right. I was as much a part of my tribe as any branch of our Hist.
Here, your reward. Thanks to your actions, I feel as though I can finally find peace. And, after so many years of mourning, that is no small thing."

Quest Stages[edit]

The Burnt Branch
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The box was last seen being carried away by a hackwing. Hands-That-Heal believes it can be found in a nearby nest.
Objective: Investigate Hackwing Nest
Though I couldn't find the wooden box within the hackwing's nest, I did find several signs of a hunting party. Perhaps Hands-That-Heal will know more about this hunting party and where I could find them.
Objective: Talk to Hands-That-Heal
Hands-That-Heal has identified the hunting party as being part of the Root-House people. I should seek their campsite and see if they found the wooden box.
Objective: Find the Root-House Camp
I've found the Root-House tribe's campsite. I should speak to one of their members and find out if they've seen Hands-That-Heal's wooden box.
Objective: Talk to Tem-Tei
Tem-Tei has the wooden box, but won't part with it for free. If I'm to be given the box, I must enter the Blackguard's campsite and steal back her hunting bow.
Objective: Retrieve Hunting Bow
Now that I've collected the hunting bow, I should talk to Tem-Tei about the wooden box.
Objective: Talk to Tem-Tei
Tem-Tei has agreed to give me the branch within the wooden box. I should collect it so it can be returned to Hands-That-Heal.
Objective: Collect the Branch
Now that I found the branch, I should meet up with Hands-that-Heal and return it to him. He should be in Bright-Throat Village by now.
Objective: Travel to Bright-Throat Village
I've found Hands-That-Heal in the Bright-Throat Village. I should give him the branch.
Objective: Talk to Hands-That-Heal
Hands-That-Heal has requested that I bury the branch beneath the Bright-Throat Village Hist Tree. He believes this may help him one day be reunited with his village's people.
Objective: Bury the Branch
☑Finishes quest I've buried the branch beneath the Bright-Throat's Hist Tree. I should speak to Hands-That-Heal about my reward.
Objective: Talk to Hands-That-Heal

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