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Drive the stone men out of the Driladan Clan's new home.
Zone: Greenshade
Objective: Shadows Crawl — Help the Driladan Clan defend themselves against the Hollow.
Quest Giver: Anglorn
Location(s): Shadows Crawl, Hollow Den
Reward: Watchman's Helm
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Fleeing undead to the north, a clan of Bosmer refugees wants to settle in Shadows Crawl, but stone men, known as Hollow, rose from the ground and attacked.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Indanas.
  2. Collapse the Hollow holes.
  3. Go to the Clan Holdfast.
  4. Find Indanas.
  5. Talk to the Hollow Watchman.
  6. Defeat the enemy leader.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

An Unusual Infestation[edit]

To begin this quest, enter Shadows Crawl and find Anglorn in the south entrance. Speak with him, and he describes the problem he and his tribe are suffering: Hollow men are coming out of the ground and trying to attack the members of his clan. Anglorn requests that you help their clan by helping Indanas fight back the Hollow. Indanas can be found in the north-west of Shadows Crawl. Speak to her and ask how you can help, and she will ask you to help her collapse the holes in the ground that the Hollow appear to be coming out of. There are three holes you must collapse: one in the north, one in the west, and one in the east. Go to each hole and defeat the surrounding Hollow. When near the hole, you will notice a synergy called "Use Indanas to Collapse Hole". Activate this synergy, and Indanas will cause the hole to collpase. Repeat this process for all three holes. Indanas then asks you to go to the Clan Holdfast with her. Head inside this cave (found in the north of Shadows Crawl).

Following the Watchman[edit]

Inside the Clan Holdfast, the Hollow Watchman appears out of the ground and says that this area is forbidden to enter. He warns Indanas to leave and take her tribe with her, but she instead decides to follow the watchman. Follow her through the holdfast and outside onto a field filled with more of the Hollow. Fight your way to the Hollow Watchman, and speak with him to learn his side of the story. He talks about how these grounds are forbidden, and how he is forced against his will to defend them, as are the rest of the Hollow. He says they were created by the Wilderking, but he is unsure who issued them with the command to defend Shadows Crawl. He says how he must eliminate the Bosmer, and the only other option is for you to destroy the Hollow; he warns this will be very difficult. You must now decide whether you wish the Bosmer to leave, or to eliminate the Hollow and stay. Talk to Indanas, and she warns that even if you decide the Bosmer should leave she'll initiate a vote at the Clan Holdfast.

Defending the Forest[edit]

If you choose for the Bosmer to leave, Indanas will be understandably angry. She heads back to the holdfast to decide with her clan whether to fight or not. When you arrive back at the holdfast, it appears they decided to stay and fight; they will not let you pass and you must kill Indanas and two of her brethren. Once you have killed them, leave the holdfast and speak to the Hollow Watchman. He shows his regret at the loss of life, but it was necessary to protect the forest. He will reward you with the Watchman's Helm and some leveled gold.

Attacking the Hollow[edit]

If you choose to destroy the Hollow Watchman, he will understand your decision, but will say that his directives will not make it easy. Indanas stays back at the camp as you make your way to the Hollow Den, where the Hollow Watchman will be waiting for you in the deepest part. Once you have killed him, go back to Indanas. She thanks you on behalf of her clan as she expresses her relief now that they can finally live in peace. When asked about the Valenwood, she says she is worried about what the Hollow Watchman said and will ask for an audience with the Wilderking, so that no harm comes to the Valenwood. She rewards you with the Watchman's Helm and some leveled gold.

Quest Stages[edit]

Stone Cold
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've agreed to find the Bosmer leader, Indanas, and help fight against the Hollow.
Objective: Talk to Indanas
I agreed to lead Indanas to the large holes from which the Hollow are coming forth. I will protect her while she collapses the holes, and hopefully this will slow the Hollow Down.
Objective: Collapse Southern Hole
Objective: Collapse Northern Hole
Objective: Collapse Western Hole
After closing several of the holes from which the Hollow were coming, Indanas suggested we go to the Clan Holdfast.
Objective: Go to the Clan Holdfast
I accompanied Indanas to the Clan Holdfast, where one of the Hollow has appeared. I should listen to what he has to say.
Objective: Listen to the Hollow Watchman
One of the Hollow appeared in the Clan Holdfast and warned the Bosmer that they must leave before retreating through a hole in the ground. Indanas went after him. I should go after her.
Objective: Follow Indanas
The Hollow Watchman has subdued Indanas. I should speak to him about the clan's desire to settle here.
Objective: Talk to the Hollow Watchman
The Hollow Watchman says that settling here is forbidden because it would harm Valenwood, but Indanas insists that her clan will fight for this land. I must choose whether to side with the Bosmer refugees or the Hollow Watchman.
Complete one: Tell the Hollow Watchman to Let Them Stay or Tell Indanas That Her Clan Must Leave
If you sided with the Hollow: I've decided that the Hollow Watchman is right. The Bosmer refugees have to move on. Indanas has returned to hold a vote to see if her people will leave or stay and fight. I should return to the Clan Holdfast and see what happened.
Objective: Return to the Clan Holdfast
If you sided with the Hollow: I've decided that the Hollow Watchman is right. The Bosmer refugees have to move on. I've returned to the Clan Holdfast, and it appears Indanas remains determined. I have no choice but to fight her.
Objective: Confront Indanas
If you sided with the Hollow: I defeated the clan leader and those Bosmer determined to settle on these forbidden grounds. I should leave the Clan Holdfast.
Objective: Leave the Clan Holdfast
☑Finishes quest If you sided with the Hollow: I defeated the clan leader and those Bosmer determined to settle on these forbidden grounds. I should speak with the Hollow Watchman.
Objective: Talk to the Hollow Watchman
Missing: What are the objectives if you side with the Bosmer?