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Smith Nabeenam
Home Settlement Leki's Blade
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Smith Nabeenam

Smith Nabeenam is a Redguard forging the blades of the apprentices at Leki's Blade. He can be found in the western smith, honing his skills.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

Before you start the quest, he'll say:

"One cannot simply swing a blade and expect success. Each novice here must forge a blade before learning to wield it.
By understanding what goes into making the blade, a novice can understand how it must be used."

Once Disciple Tafa at-Makela has sent you to him for training, he'll greet you with:

"Greetings to you, student. What knowledge do you seek? A strategy to slay your opponents? The strength to protect your allies? The power to split a kingdom in two?
These things you may do, and have done already. But these are not the arts I teach."
What can you teach me?

First Riddle[edit]

"Listen! This is a tale of Master Fadalia, blademaster of Leki's Blade. While on walkabout, Master Fadalia encountered a wagon.
The wagon's owner was an uninjured woman, facing an unmasked man. He held a battered axe; she, a pristine blade."
What did Master Fadalia do?
"The woman said the man was a bandit who had already attacked her once. She begged Master Fadalia to intervene.
Master Fadalia walked away, yet the woman lived to tell her tale. Why did she live?"
She had a better sword arm than the bandit.
"If this was true, why beg Master Fadalia for aid? If she and the bandit fought, she'd have seen his measure. She would have known she could beat him.
You must look deeper."
Both the man and the woman were bandits.
"You see as Master Fadalia did. The woman claimed she fought the bandit, yet she had no wounds. Had she parried his axe, her pristine blade would be notched.
Had Master Fadalia faced the "bandit," the woman would have stabbed her in the back."
She gave the bandit all he wanted.
"If that was true, why would he not kill her afterwards?
He challenged her without a mask. She would know his face, and could have pointed him out to the authorities. Why would he have let her live? Look deeper."
Can you describe the scene again? (Restarts the question)

Second Riddle[edit]

I'm ready for your next story.
"Then hear the story of Master Ahram Sesnit. Long ago, a foreign mage came to challenge us. He claimed his power a match for our blades. One by one, he dueled our students.
This master of alteration could turn steel to mist at will. Every student lost."
Did anyone defeat him?
"Master Ahram was an initiate, yet he faced the mage and won. So handily, in fact, that his opponent made apologies and left, forever shamed.
Of all the students who faced the mage, Master Ahram was far from the best warrior. How did Master Ahram win the duel?"
Master Ahram used a wooden training sword.
"You see as Master Ahram did.
The foreign mage claimed his power a match for our blades. Indeed, any steel that threatened him turned to mist as fast as one could blink, but a training sword is wood, and wood is nothing like steel."
Master Ahram struck before the mage was ready.
"Think of what you suggest. Would a student of Leki's Blade strike before the opponent was ready? This would sully his honor for the sake of temporary gain.
Never. No Redguard would resort to such a dishonorable tactic. Look deeper."
Master Ahram used a bow.
"A valid strategy, one that has certainly felled even the most powerful mage. Yet what would it have proven?
The mage made no claim he could defeat any bow. He said only that his power was a match for the sword. Look deeper."
Can you describe the scene again? (Restarts the question)

Third Riddle[edit]

I'm ready for your next story.
"I tell you now the story of Master Ahram Sesnit's end.
Long ago, Master Ahram was the blademaster here. In his last days, he called his favorite student to him. If she could give him what he wanted most, she would become the next blademaster of Leki's Blade."
What did Master Ahram want?
"That is what you must discover. Master Ahram's legend is known by all, even the serving folk. Direct your questions to them—Halam, Unar, and Iman.
Once you know what they know, return to me and give your answer."

After returning to him from your fact-finding mission, he'll say:

"If you want to discover what Master Ahram's favorite student gave him, you must speak with the servants of Leki's Blade."
I'm ready to answer your riddle.
"Excellent! Then tell me, what did Master Ahram Sesnit want at the end of his life?
What did his student give him?"
She gave him an enchanted blade he could wield without pain.
"If such a thing existed, Master Ahram would never have used it. No true Redguard warrior in his day would stoop to magic, no matter how dire his cause.
No Redguard would be so weak. Look deeper."
She promised to guard Leki's Blade in his place, to allow him to die in peace.
"Master Ahram's sickness was great, and a Redguard who cannot fight is as weak as a toothless snake. But Redguards do not throw their lives away, no matter the hardship they face.
Redguards fight. They fight even when there is no hope. Look deeper."
She asked him to get her blade back from the bandits, giving him a last battle.
"You see as the young student did, so long ago.
By that time, Master Ahram was old and weak. No Redguard wishes to die in bed, but it's shameful to take one's own life to avoid hardship. Master Ahram left, not to die, but to face one last battle."
Do you have any other stories?
"You've learned what you must from me. Now it's time to test your mettle.
Speak to Disciple Raifa af-Haba at the dueling arena. And if you pass his test, you will meet with Master Fadalia for hers."
"You have heard my stories. I have no more for you today.
Now you must learn from the other masters. Disciple Raifa af-Haba awaits you at the dueling arena."