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Home Settlement Martyr's Crossing
Location Evermore
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Baandari

Silver-Paws is the Khajiit leading the Baandari caravan settled at Martyr's Crossing. After trading supplies to the Knights of Saint Pelin and the latter subsequently losing them, relations between the two groups have become agitated. Especially as the traders lost more of their goods to the Imperial raiders while helping the Knights defend the Crossing.

Related Quests[edit]


Silver-Paws can be found at the Baandari campfire and when he is spoken to before starting Raiders at the Crossing he will say "I had a feeling coming here was going to be bad for business. Always trust your instincts! I should have listened to my mother more often."

Raiders at the Crossing[edit]

During this quest, Knight Commander Cheryline will send you to Silver-Paws to see if you can convince him to provide healing poultices for the injured soldiers.

"Greetings. Normally I would take pride in telling you that I am the most worldly Baandari merchant in all Tamriel.
I would present you with a lavish display of the amazing variety of goods I have to offer, but I cannot do that today."
Have the imperials taken your supplies as well?
"Not everything, but they did seize some of our goods in the last raid.
Me and the other Baandari were busy helping the knights defend the barricades. We didn't see the Imperials slip into our tents and steal our most valuable possessions."
What about poultices? The knights need poultices to heal their wounded.
"Do they? Did Knight Commander Cheryline send you over to ask this of me? Can she not even show Silver-Paws the respect of asking herself? Of course not!
Either way, we can spare no further supplies. We've given the knights everything we can."
[Persuade]: I understand your frustration, but lives are at stake


[Pay 00000347347 Gold]: I'll pay you for the poultices if I have to.
" you speak the language of the Baandari. You must understand, everything we sell, we either buy somewhere else, or we pay for the materials we use to craft it.
We cannot to simply give things away."
All right. You have the payment. I'll take the poultices.
You have no poultices you can spare?
"Not for free. What would the Knights of Saint Pelin do if the scales were tipped the other way? Would they give up their supplies for a group of Baandari merchants?
No. If the Knight Commander wants the poultices, she'll have to trade for them."
What do you want in trade?
"Hm. Let's see. I noticed that the knights have some very well-made bows stashed away in their weapons cache over there.
Tell the Knight Commander I'll give her all the poultices she needs in exchange for those bows."
I'll go ask if she'll agree to your proposition.

Once you return with the Alessian Bows to trade for poultices, Silver-Paws is surprised that you managed to convince the Knight Commander.

"You convinced Knight Commander Cheryline to give up the bows? If I had asked her, she wouldn't even have spared me a wooden dagger.
She must really like you!"
Actually, she's just concerned with healing her wounded.
"Hm. Thank you!
Well, she will not be disappointed. We Baandari make amazing poultices—some of the most potent in all of Tamriel. Her knights will be healed in no time."
All right. I'll take the poultices to the knights then.

Regardless of how you went about obtaining poultices, Silver-Paws will reveal that he doesn't actually have them yet.

"Hmm. Well, there is a thing about the poultices. We do not have them just yet.
The good news is that I had foreseen the need for them, so I gather what they needed. But...they haven't returned yet."
Why didn't you tell me this before?
"I didn't want to concern you! I thought the herbalists would be back any minute now. But now that I think about it, they have been gone a long time.
I hope nothing unfortunate has befallen them."
Do you know where they went?
"They went up to the water. They needed a special algae from the lake. Don't tell anyone, but that's one of the key ingredients in the Baandari poultices.
If something happened to them at the lake, though...I don't know."
I'll look for the Baandari herbalists by the lake.

Once the final step of Raiders at the Crossing is completed, Silver-Paws can be found having a friendly drink of mead with Knight Commander Cheryline.

"My fellow Baandari said they saw the Imperial boats burning down by the water. You have certainly turned things around here.
The Knight Commander was quite eager to start celebrating. I don't mind humoring her."

After you speaking with the Knight Commander to complete the quest, Silver-Paws has some things to say, especially about the notion of free mead.

"Was it my imagination or did she say she was expecting the Baandari to pay for this mead?
If that's the case, that will be her last mug."